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Trattoria Santucci

Restaurant Santucci in Assisi
It's located in the middle of main street to the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli church (Via Patrono d'Italia) from the station. Since there are two similar trattorias on the same street, please don't miss it. Santucci is closer to the church.

Restaurant Santucci in Assisi
Bruschetta of black truffle paste. To enjoy the flavor of truffles, it's the most simple way of eating. Let's wait for your pasta dish while enjoying this starter with local red wine.

Restaurant Santucci in Assisi
"Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms" and "Ravioli with tomato, basil and truffle sauce". Soooo delicious!!!

Restaurant Santucci in Assisi
The main dish "Fillet of beef with artichoke sauce". It was really juicey.

Restaurant Santucci in Assisi
Quite large mass of fillet...

Restaurant Santucci in Assisi
The local liquir Amaro of "St. Francis". Not too much bitter aftertaste is refreshing.

Taste 4.5stars Here is a super recommended restaurant to take a specialty of Umbrian food, black truffle at a reasonable price. Their dishes with local seasonal ingredients have mild tastes. It's a little bit difficult to find a simple but delicious restaurant in Assisi, where many tourists come from all over the world. But here Santucci is popular among locals, who assure the good taste of this place.
It's an unpretentious family-run trattoria. Inside is bright and spacious. 5 minutes walk from Assisi Railway Station so it's appropriate to stop in before going to the center of Assisi or after the tourism.
Mood 4 stars
Price 4 stars
Total 4.5stars

Super recommended trattoria in Assisi! Emotive truffles!!

Let's order a starter first of all. If you want to enjoy a lot of tastes, the Antipasto platter (Antipasto misto) is recommended. I ordered a bruschetta of blach truffles, "Bruschette al tartufo". Three slicec of bread topped plenty truffle paste. It's pure paste with no preservatives, prepared with only skinny cutted truffles and olive oil, salt, and pepper. You can enjoy 100% truffles. It costs incredibly only 3.5 euros! Because they get summer truffles from a trusted local merchant, it's possible to serve this quality at a minimum price.

Delicious pasta dishes! Local noodles, Gnocchi, Ravioli ... yummy!!

The various lineup of pasta menu catch your eyes. Since there are too many types, you'll puzzle to choose! On that day, I chose "Tagliatelle with Porcini mushrooms (Tagliatelle ai funghi porcini" at 6 euros and daily menu "Ravioli with sauce of cherry tomatoes, basil and truffle (Ravioli di Fossa e Tartufo con ciliegini e basilico)" at 8 euros. It's possible to order "Bis style", two types of pasta at half portion. The smell of melted porcini and oil sauce was wonderful. Ravioli was also very very delicious. Basil added aroma and tomatoes added sweetness, at the end truffles added sublime note. The seasoning was also ideal. In addition the manager recommends "Ravioli with the sauce of Sagranti (local wine) and truffle", "Homemade Gnocchi with Gorgonzola chees sauce" and "Local-style noodle Strangozzi with Santucci sauce (tomato and caper)" from many other pastas. It's also suggested "Penne alla Norcia (short pasta with sausage and cream sauce)". Every dish is rifined with little salt and fresh taste of raw materials are very tasty.

Voluminous main dish. The Advantage of the trattoria!

For main dishes they have grilled meats. My choice was one daily menu "Fillet of beef with artichoke sauce (Entrecote di manzo con carciofi)", at 11 euros. It was a large chunk of beef filet (estimated 300g!) baked in a frying pan and seasoned with artichokes sauce. Entrecote means fillet in French. The meat was very moist and inside was finised rare. Every bite you can taste the juicey gravy. The sauce of full flavor of artichoke was preeminently suitable to this beef. Another famous main dish in this trattoria is geese (reservation is required). Next time I want to try it.

After main dish, try homemade Dolce or Amaro

I received many suggestions about their homemade desserts like Tiramisu and Panna Cotta. However, I was really full and I gave up in tears. The tiramisu seemed really delicious!!! Instead, I ordered Amaro. Amaro is bitter sweet liqueur of some roots and bark of medicinal plants dipped in alcohol. Amaro means bitter in Italian. It's an ideal digestive drink after heavy meal. Among several types, I chose "Amaro of St. Francis" for Assisi's saint. This Amaro had a relatively sweet taste.

from ITALY
Advice from who lives in Italy

Perhaps, the area near the station is considered only for transit for tourists. However, there is one of the pilgrimages for St. Francis "Churh of Santa Maria degli Angeli". And you can enjoy a local residential atmosphere. And one of the best trattorias "Santucci" is waiting for you! Trattoria was opened 20 years ago by a family. Good food and comfortable place will leave you a good memory to your trip.

Since tehre are several unique and various dishes on menu, you'll puzzle to choose what you can take. Exquisite meat is refined a little bit rare. All of deserts are highly recommended. Especially tiramisu and mille-feuille are very fresch. It's also very important that they serve all of these delicious dishes at very low price. We were in three and payed ony 55 euros for lunch!!


Name Trattoria Santucci
Address Via Patrono d'Italia,40 Santa Maria degli Angeli (Pg) ITALIA
How to reach 5 minutes walk from Assisi station. Go left from the station and it's located in the middle of main street to the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli church (Via Patrono d'Italia).
Phone number Tel: +39 075.8042835
Fax: +39 075.8280254
Closed Wednesday
Opening Hours 12:00-15:00, 19:00-21:00
Budget 20 euros a person (excluding drink)
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Menu (2009 August)
Table charge 1.5 euros / person
Menu of today Pecorino arrosto con prosciutto 6 euros, Vele di tacchino con ciliegini 6 euros, Strigoli con olive e capperi 6.5 euros, Ravioli di fossa e tartufo con ciliegini e basilico 8 euros, Strangozzi con patate salsicce e zafferano 7 euros, Tagliata di manzo alla rucola 13 euros, Braciola di maiale di cinta senese alla brace 11 euros, Entrecote di manzo con carciofi 11 euros, Carciofi alla romana 4 euros
Primo piatto
Penne alla norcina 5.5 euros, Strangozzi alla Santucci 5.5 euros, Tagliatelle al tartufo nero 8.5 euros, Ravioli in salsa rosa 5.5 euros, Gnocchi al gorgonzora e noci 6 euros, Risotto fave rucola e fili di zafferano 7 euros, Ravioli ai due formaggi tartufati 8 euros, Penne allo speck 5.5 euros, Tortellini al radicchio con gocce di aceto balsamico di Modena 6.5 euros, Risotto fumo champagne con trito di erba cipollina 6.5 euros, Ravioli di fossa e tartufo con crema di sagrantino e tartufo 8 euros, Agnolotti con noci brandy e crema di latte 6 euros, Ravioli con asparagi e noci 6 euros, Penne alla russa 7 euros, Risotto al radicchio rosso 6 euros, Tagliatelle ai funghi porcini 6 euros, Vellutata di asparagi con crostino all'ollio di Trevi 6 euros, Zuppa di farro e legumi 6 euros, Passato di verdure 5 euros
Secondo piatto
Mein dishes
Agnello a scottadito 9 euros, Grigliata alla Santucci 9 euros, Spiedini alla brace 9 euros, Petto di pollo al Roquefort e pepe rosa 8 euros, Grigliata mista di carne 9 euros, Maialino in porchetta 8 euros, Filetto di manzo alle noci e tartufo 16 euros, Saltimbocca alla romana 8 euros, Paillard di vitello alla brace 7.5 euros, Filetto di manzo al sagrantino e tartufo 16 euros, Salsicce alla brace 7 euros, Scaloppina al limone 8 euros, Filetto di manzo alla brace 13 euros, Agnello tartufato 11 euros, Cotoletta alla milanese 8 euros, Entrecote agli aromi 11 euros, Filetto di manzo ai porcini 15 euros, Maiale ubriaco al profumo di finocchio 9 euros, Scaloppina di vitello in fricassea 8.5 euros, Bistecca di vitello alla brace 10 euros, Filetto di manzo al pepe verde 14 euros, Scamorza alla brace 6 euros
Side dish
Patate arrosto 3 euros, Insalata mista 3 euros, Melanzane alla brace 3 euros, Patate fritte 3 euros, Verdura cotta 3 euros, Peperoni arrosto 3 euros, Patate lesse 3 euros, Grigliata mista di verdure 4.5 euros, Insalatissima 4.5 euros
Etc. 《Cheeses》3.5 euros-5 euros
《Seasonal Fruit》2.5 euros-3 euros
Millefoglie 3.5 euros, Tiramisu' 3.5 euros, Mimosa 3.5 euros, Panna cotta 3.5 euros, Crostata con crema e frutta fresca 3.5 euros, Tozzetti con vin santo 3.5 euros, Gelati 3.5 euros
Red Wine of Assisi 11 euros, White Wine of Assis 8 euros, Red Wine from 8 euros, White Wine from 8 euros