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Pizzeria I Monaci

Restaurant in Assisi
The sign of pizzeria.

Restaurant in Assisi
Friendly atmosphere. At the entrance immediately to the left (far left), there is an oven, where you can watch how to make a pizza.

Restaurant in Assisi
Recommended pizza with Umbrian truffles.

Restaurant in Assisi
Pizza Monaci, spinach and ricotta cheese.

Restaurant in Assisi
Calzone is also recommended. Please enjoy fluffy texture.

Restaurant in Assisi
Bruschetta platter.

Restaurant in Assisi
Fruit tart. It's possible to eat even after a big pizza because it has a fresh and light taste.

Restaurant in Assisi
Window seats are especially popular. Elderly couples and large families enjoy conversation and dinning.

Taste 4.5 stars It's located just minutes away from Piazza del Comune.
My Italian friends suggested me "if you wanna eat pizza, here!!!!" so I came with some friends just to try... From that day I've become addicted immediately! It's possible to take it away, so who wants to eat on the street!
Mood 4 stars
Price 4.5 stars
Total 4 stars

The locals recommend this pizzeria!

It's located just minutes away from Piazza del Comune.
My Italian friends suggested me "if you wanna eat pizza, here!!!!" so I came with some friends just to try... From that day I've become addicted immediately!

Recently I only think about this pizzeria every time when I'm hungry... and soon after eating their pizza, I would also like to go again. There are many other Pizzerias in Assisi, but here even from a simple pizza dough is totally different.

Light interior and friendly staffs

The pizzeria's building made with bricks has two floors. Arched ceilings and wine bottles on the walls create a rural and heartwarming atmosphere. There are always local customers and foreign tourists. Staffs are all very pleasant people.

While bringing dishes to tables, of course, they don't forget to enjoy chatting with customers. There is a relieved atmosphere at any time. When I talked to friends "I wanna taste one piece of your pizza", one of waiters heard me and brought me another clean dish quickly. I like this small service, it's really heartwarming.

A lady at the cashier is also very friendly and talks about various interesting topics. The name of the pizzeria Monaci means monks in Italian. Indeed on the cover page of the menu three Monks are drawn.

You'll be satisfied with the taste, volume and its reasonable price.

There are plenty of variety of pizzas. The cheapest one is Marinara (tomato, garlic and oregano) at 5 euros, incredibly. The average is around 7 euros. It's also possible to order pasta dishes at same price range. There are two types of pizza: normal pizza and pizza Bianca. Bianca means white, the type of pizza without tomato sauce.

The best pizza is... ?

The first recommended pizza is Tartufo (Truffles), 7.5 euros. Umbria is famous for truffles so for my first experience I decided to try this one soon. Actually, I had never eaten at all even truffle. The truffle aroma was drifting from the hot pizza and my stomach began working furiously before eating!!! Melting mozzarella cheese and truffle sauce intertwined on a bed of tomato sauce tasted really good enough. I was deeply impressed by its taste. "Simple is the best" is a word for this pizza!

When I came here for the first time, I was surprised at the size of pizza. Is this really for one portion...? However, I was able to empty a dish soon for the joy of discovery of my "favorite pizzeria".

The pizza named "Monaci" is also particularly recommended (7.5 euros). This simple but delicious pizza will remain in your mind! The ricotta cheese and spinach add a tender sweetness to the pizza. This is a favorite of my Italian friend who'd recommended this pizzeria. According to her, the combination of spinach and ricotta is popular for ravioli generally, but for pizza it's rarely used.

If you want a fresh salad pizza, Rucola (6.5 euros) is recommended. It has a lot of fresh rucola leaves on prosciutto hams. Those who want a little spicy taste, Diavolo (Devil) and Siciliana (Sicilian) are also recommended. Both cost only 7 euros. Diavolo is a pizza with hot salami on the common tomato sauce and mozzarella base. My friend always orders this one without checking the menu. Siciliana has a quite effective salty taste of anchovy and olive.

Wrapped pizza "Calzone" is also recommended!

Calzone (7.5 euros) is a wrapped pizza like an omelet. It contains plenty of prosciutto ham, artichoke and cheese inside. I often hear an expression "crisp surface and glutinous texture" for many pizzas, but this calzone doesn't betray this word. No, I think the dough of this pizzeria is more tasty than normal!!
In addition to pizzas, it's also possible to order starters like bruschetta and pasta like gnocchi or soup, even main dishes.

I recommend to share starter and pasta plates.

If you're hungry, Antipasto Bruschetta mix (Bruschetta Mista, 3.5 euros) is recommended. Four types of bruschetta are served at this price, it's really cheap!

This chicken liver paste has a mellow and delightful taste. The staffs will bring a new clean dish to share.

Among many pastas, Bis di Primi is recommended (8 euros). It's a plate of half lasagna and half penne. Hot lasagna expressed the delicious taste of Italian tomatoes and penne's cream sauce melted in the mouth. The big quantity may fill your stomach easily... so if you want to eat also pizza, it will be better to share these dishes with others. Umbria is also famous Strangozzi pasta.

Main dishes are meat and vegetables. They are also very voluminous.

Dolce is also recommended

Dolce is not shown on the menu very well so you should ask a waiter. A cake of berries is not too much sweet and mild. The acidity of the raspberry will refresh your mouth. In addition there are gelato, pineapple, panna cotta etc.

Satisfied with the cost performance

There are lots of restaurants in Assisi and many of them have normal quality and expensive price. Paying 15-16 euros or more for a set menu I regret sometimes... Here in this pizzeria, you can enjoy the most delicious pizza with one drink including table charged paying about 10 euros.

I recommend this pizzeria not only for tourists but also who lives in Italy.

from ITALY
Advice from who lives in Italy

In a bright atmosphere you can enjoy good pizzas at really low prices. You'll be absolutely satisfied. It might be hard to eat other pizzas after going back to your country!!


MENU (June 2009)
Table charge 1.5 euros per person

Bruschetta Mista 3.5 euros, Bruschetta Tartufo 4.0 euros, Formagghi Misti 5.5 euros, Prosciutto e Melone 7.0 euros, Omlette 6.0 euros, etc

Tomato-based pizza

Margherita 5.5 euros, Napoletana 6.5 euros, Funghi Freschi 6.5 euros, Salame Piccante 6.5 euros, Siciliana 7.0 euros, Carbonara 7.0 euros, I Monaci 7.5 euros, Tartufo 7.5 euros, Funghi Porcini 7.5 euros, Quattro Stagioni 7.5 euros, etc

Pizza Bianca
without tomato

Focaccia 4.0 euros, Carciofi e Prosciutto crudo 7.5 euros, Quattro Formaggi 7.5 euros, Saltimbocca 7.5 euros, etc

Primo piatto

Zuppa di Verdure 5.5 euros, Lasagne 6.0 euros, Gnocchi 6.5 euros, Tagliatelle ai Monaci 7.0 euros, Spaghetti alla Bolognese 6.5 euros, Bis di Primi 8.0 euros, Strangozzi al Tartufo 10 euros, etc

Secondo piatto
Mein dishes

Salsiccia alla Brace 9.0 euros, Cotoletta alla Milanese 8.5 euros, Grigliata Mista di Carne 11 euros, Saltimbocca alla Romana 11 euros, etc


Ananas (Pineapple) 3.0 euros, Gelato (ice cream) 3.5 euros

vino, bevande

Vino Rosso/Bianco (Red/White Wine) 1/4 2.0 euros, 1/2 3.5 euros, Liquori 2.5 euros, Grappa 3.0 euros

Store name Pizzeria I MONACI
Address Piazzetta Verdi, 10/06081-Assisi (PG)-ITALIA
How to reach

From the center of Assisi, the Piazza del Comune, it takes 3 minutes by walk. Go down the street Portica (left from the information center) and go straight to the street Fortini. In front of a small theater there is a sign over steps and follow it.

Phone number +39 075812512
Closed Wednesday
Opening Hours 12:00-14:30, 19:00-22:30
Budget About 10 euros per person
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