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Park of the monsters at Bomarzo(Parco dei Mostri - Bomarzo)

The Park of Monsters
The first surprise is this "Proteus (Proteo)". He is considered as a son of the sea god Neptune and a symbol of the earth. Certainly on his head there is a figure of the earth. The castle of the Orsini family stands over.

The Park of Monsters
The largest statue in the park would be this "Battle of Giants (La Lotta fra Giganti)". It's more than 6 meters in height. Woah...

The Park of Monsters
"Turtle (Tartaruga)" on the back and "Pegasus (Pegaso)" in front. Behind, there is also a big whale opening his mouth.

The Park of Monsters
A "tilted house" on the cracked rock. It's possible to enter inside. The purpose of this strange house was to surprise guests and friends. After a siesta (nap) in this house, when they came out, they felt dizzy... Certainly you will lose balance.

The Park of Monsters
This huge monster is the most famous statue in the park, "Ogre (L'orco)". You know, in his mouth there is a bench and a table, at that time the people used to enjoying a glass of wine inside! On his upper lip there is an engraved phrase: "Every thought flies (Ogni pensiero vola)".

The Park of Monsters
The temple with a dome is the chapel dedicated to the death of the second wife. Currently in the temple there is a monument dedicated Mr. Bettini, the re-creator of this park and his wife. Foreground you can see a hell hound Cerberus with three heads.

Monsters Park, a worldwide popular among manias

In a town named Bomarzo in the Umbria region in Central Italy, there is a strange but world famous park. The name is exactly "Park of the Monsters (Parco dei Mostri)". The name itself is already turgid.
You'll find many weird photos of this park in guidebooks and on the Internet. Sculptures of scary looks or leaning buildings and huge mysterious ornaments scatter surprise visitors. What would be the intent of this park made in the middle of the 16th century?
I enjoyed this weird and strange park.

Love for the dead wife became monsters...?

This fantastic park was designed by a leading Renaissance architect Pirro Ligorio. He has designed many noble mansions and villas, which became a classic and orthodox style of the Italian garden. He designed the famous "Villa d'Este" at Tivoli near Rome. After the death of Michelangelo, also this Pirro Ligorio took over the construction of Saint Peter's Basilica. Such a famous architect designed this bizarre park... it's very mysterious and enigmatic.
The patron and owner of this park was Pier Francesco Orisini. He was a nobility who ruled this area in the 16th century. It's said that when he lost his beloved wife he ordered to realize this strange park to be freed from his pain.
His love for the dead wife is still live even after 500 years.

Park of the monsters awoke from slumber of 400 years

This Mannerist and Baroque park was born in 1552. They would have desired to make an only and unique beautiful garden in the world. However, after the death of Francesco, as if every memories of his beloved wife had been gone to heaven with him, also this park had been completely forgotten for 400 years. But in 1954, Giovanni Bettini bought this land and made this park carefully restored. This "sacred wood (Bosco Sacro)" is literally awakened from the sleep of 400 years.

Welcome to the world of myth and fantasy

Sacred wood is full of winding roads that invite us into the world of mythology and fantasy. The park has numerous monuments also out of sight of the eyes, but at least 24 sculptures and building can be find.

Impossible to introduce all of details. Please explore directly!

In the park there are also picnic tables and playground. Children could enjoy very well. On a sunny day let's visit this park with homemade lunch! Admission is 9 euros per person. You will be relaxed and spend a fun day.
It is close enough to Bomarzo from Rome or from Orvieto. From the railway station, you can easily go to the park by urban bus. Since there are not enough buses a day, please check the time schedule earnestly. Especially don't forget the time of return bus. To spend a night with scary monsters is... really horrible!

Parco dei Mostri
How to get there 6 km from Attigliano-Bomarzo railway station. Please take a taxi from the station or try to walk. To this Attigliano-Bomarzo railway station, it takes one hour from Rome and 20 minutes from Orvieto. However it's not frequent transit and it takes more time. From Viterbo there are also buses but the journey takes some time. I recommend to go by car.
From Viterbo From Viterbo you can take a bus to ORTE. It takes about 30 minutes to Bomarzo. You can see the timetables on the company's website below.(
English page -> Download the timetable -> Viterbo
Address Localita' Giardino 01020 Bomarzo (VT), Italy
Tel. +39 0761 924029
Open all year: 8 am to sunset
Admission Adult 9 euros, Children (4 to 8 years old) 7 euros,
groups (over 30 persons) 7 euros
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