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Ristorante La Fortezza

Restaurant in Assisi
Located on the stairs. The opposite side there is another restaurant so please don't miss it!

Restaurant in Assisi
Friendly owner and local people.

Restaurant in Assisi
Shrimp cocktail. Seafood in Assisi is unexpected but shrimp is very fresh.

Restaurant in Assisi
Porcini slices. Voluminous!!

Restaurant in Assisi
Ravioli of Ricotta and spinach. Be careful, it's very hot!

Restaurant in Assisi
Pigeon meat with Anchovy and red wine sauce. Please taste the meat well.

Restaurant in Assisi
Tiramisu for dessert!

Taste stars4 I really loved a comfortable service of the staffs, and of course the taste and cost performance are very nice. It's a good restaurant located in the historical center of Assisi. You can enjoy dining leisurely in a calm atmosphere without any congestion. Please enjoy traditional Umbrian cuisine.
Mood 4.5 stars
Price stars4
Total 4.5 stars

Assisi's No.1 Ristorante in the point of service

It's located in the Piazza del Comune, center of the town where is crowded with tourists and visitors from around the world. Despite a small town, facing this Piazza del Comune, there are many restaurants. "Ristorante La Fortezza" is the best restaurant in the point of services.
Going right toward the temple of Minerva and looking up the stairs next to some bars, you can see a cute entrance of this restaurant on the right side. Since it's situated in an unexpected places, please look carefully. There is a hotel of the same name, too. It's possible to enjoy dinner in a very quiet atmosphere.

A luxury time produced by the owner's kindness

There are stairs to the left soon after the entrance. Go up here, then you'll be welcomed by professional staffs and friendly atmosphere of the restaurant. They are very polite and attentive.

The owner himself works taking orders and bringing food. He is very friendly and recognized me soon at the second visit. When I came here for the first time He gave a platter of bruschetta for free service, and at the second time served me a cold aperitif. Not only for me, this is his way to welcome customers. He is really enjoying chatting with customers and working. His love and passion to this restaurant create the nice atmosphere and influence to other staffs.

After enjoying this luxurious atmosphere, let's order food! It's a good waiting time while enjoying the feeling of hospitality... All dishes are served covered by a silver semicircle like hotel room service.

You can enjoy Umbrian specialties and also nice seafood!

The shrimp cocktail appetizer (menu of the day) is recommended. Its elegant and refreshing taste make you forget the heat of outside. Recommended as a summer menu. Porcini mushroom slices and vegetables (5 euros) would be nice to share because it's a big dish of fleshy mushroom slices. I'd never eaten only porcini, not with tagliatelle or risotto till that time, so it was a good experience. A chewy and juicy texture...

Truffle Bruschetta (5.5 euros) and Fresh Ham of wild boar (9 euros) are well-known Umbrian specialties. If you have not yet tried, please try them! You can't say you've been in Umbria without eating these dishes...! Fresh Ham with beer taste is good for beer! Before the main dish with wine, it's nice to snack appetizers and cold beer.

Traditional homemade pasta, chewy Strangozzi

For pasta, Umbrian traditional pasta Strangozzi with truffle sauce (10 euros) is recommended. Their Strangozzi is considerably thicker than the other restaurants and very chewy. And flavor of truffles is addictive. Since Strangozzi is homemade pasta, each restaurant has his own recipe and taste. It's fun to compare!!

Ravioli of Ricotta and spinach with sauce of basil and pine nuts (9 euros) is brought really hot. Taste of the natural ingredients is intact, simple and delicious!

Various meat in special sauce

For main dish they have an ample and unique taste of the meat. First of all, pigeon meat at Fortezza style (12 euros) is recommended. It's seasoned by anchovy-based red wine sauce. The combination of pigeon meat and this particular salty sauce is very nice. It's also excellent to order Montefalco red wine! It seems to be available in a limited number a day. Mine was the last one on that day. Who is better is to try to go to the advance.
Other eats like duck, rabbit, sheep are cooked with special fruit sauce. I can guess easily good taste of other sauces from the excellent sauce of pigeon.

Also Dolce and wine are perfect!!!

For the Dolce I ordered home-made Tiramisu (7 euros). You can enjoy an exquisite harmony of bittersweet chocolate sauce with slightly sweet cream and soft sponge cakes. Please keep your stomach empty for this desert!! But don't worry, it's comparatively lightly sweetened so not heavy even after pasta and meat. There are other deserts like assorted gelato.
Various types of wines are also available. It's recommended particularly red wine Montefalco Sagrantino, the Umbrian famous wine. You can order by glass (about 5 euros). Just ask some advice to staffs if you hesitate to choose wine.

from ITALY
I recommend "Ristorante La Fortezza".

Perfect pleasant service and good taste at just price. It's located in the center of the town, very safe area even at night. You can come here to try to check the best service in Assisi.


MENU (August 2009)
Table charge 2 euros / person

Gamberi in salsa rosa 8.8 euros, Salmone affumicato con erba cipollina e olio di oliva extravergine 9.5 euros, Prosciuto crudo umbro con bruschetta 8.0 euros, Speck del Tirolo con melone 8.0 euros, Prosciutto di cinghiale 9.0 eurosBruschetta al tartufo 5.5 euros, Carpaccio d'agnello affumicato 9.0 euros

Primo piatto

Cannelloni all'assisana 9 euros, Gnocchi alla fortezza 9 euros, Pappardelle al "ragu" d'agnello 9 euros, Ravioli di ricotta e spinaci con basilico e pinoli 9 euros, Zuppa di verdure fresche 7 euros, Strangozzi al tartufo nero 10 euros

Secondo piatto
Mein dishes

Anatra al finocchio selvatico 10 euros, Arista di maiale allo spiedo 10 euros, Agnello di Montefalco allo spiedo 11 euros, Piccione alla Fortezza 12 euros, Petto di pollo alla brace 10 euros, Coniglio in salsa di mele 11 euros, Tagliata di vitellone alle erbe 13 euros, Faraona tartufata in crosta 12 euros, Petto d'anatra agli agrumi 11 euros, Salmi di cinghiale e cipolline in agrodolce 12 euros


Funghi porcini trifolati 5 euros, Gratin di verdure 4 euros, Insalata miste 4 euros, Parmigiana di melanzane 4 euros, Patate al rosemarino 4 euros, Verdure di stagione al vapore 4 euros


Tiramisu 7 euros

Name Ristorante La Fortezza
Address Vicolo della Fortezza 19/b 06081 Assisi (PG) Italy
How to reach Going right toward the temple of Minerva and looking up the stairs next to some bars, you can see a cute entrance of this restaurant on the right side. Since it's situated in an unexpected places, please look carefully. There is a hotel of the same name.
Phone number +39 075-812-993
Closed Thursday
Opening Hours

Lunch (only Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday) 12:30-14:30
Dinner 19:30-21:30

Budget 20 euros per person (excluding drink)
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