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Streets near the Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi

Assisi is one of the most beautiful towns in Umbria. The town of white and pink marbles on a hill of olive has many interest attractions. It's recommended to enjoy slow tourism. Let's stay for some nights if you have a time. There are enough rich and delicious restaurants. The center of the town is very safe, so you can take a walk safely also in the evening, Please enjoy beautiful countryside at sunset. There are many small but cozy hotels. Please enjoy your stay in Assisi, taking a glass of wine in one hand.

  1. Valle di Assisi Hotel & Resort : (95) 4 stars Hotel is situated in a short drive away from the city centre of Assisi, offers excellent accommodation in the splendid Umbria countryside. Restaurant, swimming pool, wireless Internet.
  2. Hotel Giotto : (85) Boasting breathtaking panoramic valley views, enjoys a central position in this old hilltop town, and situated hotel lies just 300 metres (328 yards) from the famous Basilica of Saint Francis.
  3. Hotel La Terrazza : (89) is an enchanting 3 star hotel with spa in the city centre. The hotel also features a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, an ample garden, an outdoor children play area and an Internet Point.
  4. Hotel San Francesco : (87) enjoys a unique location in the heart of Assisi, in front of the splendid S.Franceso Basilica, a meeting point for pilgrims from all over the world, and a few steps from Piazza del Comune main square.
  5. Hotel Del Viaggiatore : (85) 3 stars Hotel boasts a quiet atmosphere on a street with so much charm that it will take you back in time. It's very cozy and economy hotel.
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My favorite town is Assisi!

I traveled to Italy five times, and my favorite town is Assisi. This calm place has a fragrance of holy spirits. I always stay at Hotel Berti. This hotel has a dignified style and I think one of the most excellent hotels in Assisi. It would be a great experience to those whom stay in Assisi. (October 2009)


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