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About Ischia Island

On the island of Ischia you can enjoy both the sea and hot springs

Ischia is the largest island in the Bay of Naples. It's a volcanic island, so there are natural hot springs all over the island. Of course you can enter in the springs with a swimsuit, so don't forget to prepare it in your baggage!

The island is a popular place for travelers from all around the world, particularly popular among Germans. Since here is full of Germans, you would think that German might be the official language. Of course in most hotels and restaurants, even in souvenir shops, English is spoken.

The high season is from spring through autumn, however, until June and after September there are relatively less tourists, so you will be able to spend relax time in these months. In winter it's impossible to enter in the outdoor hot springs, neither the sea, so there is much fewer people. Even in this case you will enjoy its great nature and many attractive things to visit in this big island, so it's probably a good choice to aim low season. Also you can find cheap hotels.

Ischia Porto
One of the most vibrant towns in Ischia, Ischia Porto. Many clothing stores and souvenir shops are lined on the straight path. Enjoy your shopping
and take a break in the bar if you get tired...

The island has several towns

Ischia Island (34 kilometers circumference) is greater than you might think so. There are six districts (communes) and each area has enough charms and attractions to enjoy.

  • Ischia
  • Casamicciola Terme
  • Lacco Ameno
  • Forio
  • Serrara Fontana
  • Barano d'Ischia

The buses run very frequently and connect each town very well, so the transportation is really comfortable. Because it's a luxury resort island, the security is well maintained. Please be relieved.

Beach of Ischia Island
Of course the main attraction of the island is swimming. The public beach is opend for everyone. It's also possible to find less crowded beach.

Rich history and plenty nature of Ischia

The western part of Ischia has a beautiful sandy long beach. In the middle of 800 BC, the Greeks who came to explore the Tyrrhenian Sea moved to the west of the island and established a colonial city "Pithecusae
". After that this island had developed as a trading hub port of the Mediterranean between Naples and Iberian Peninsula and the mainland of Greece.

Ischia is also known as "green island", the interior of the island is covered with rolling green mountains. Riding on the CS
bus and rounding all over the island, you can find that north and west part of the island have the long coastline and beautiful beaches. On the other hand the center of the island has winding roads into the mountains, and you can see below green and rich blue ocean. The island is composed of many mountains like Mount Epomeo, the highest mountain of this island (Monte Epomeo 787m), which had caused a big eruption in 1302. Now it's a dormant volcano. Also the east mountain Vezzi (Monte di Vezzi 392m) is wonderful.

Tricycle taxi in Ischia
Not only buses but also old fashon tricycle taxis run all over the island. Its ride? Please try it.

Hopping the island by bus and tricycle taxi

The island's main transport is bus, running more than 10 routes. The bus used by local residents and tourists is no.2, CS and CD. They run every 15 minutes so very convenient.

There are also tricycle taxis or micro taxis waiting for passengers everywhere, as well as Procida Island. Many three wheeled cars were converted to taxis when the European tourists started to visit this island in the 1950s. Running by the tricycle taxi making a loud would become one of happy and unique memories of Ischia tourism.
If you can do negotiations with a driver before boarding, it will be able to organize half-day charter.

from ITALY
Advice from who lives in Italy

Ischia is a popular summer resort in Europe. From May through September many tourists from all over the Europe visit here to seek a relaxing time, sun and sea.

Ischia has a partly free hot springs flowing into the sea, so to enjoy a leisurely southern Italy here would be the best destination. It takes only 30 minutes by boat from Naples. Please enjoy one of the beautiful Italian islands.