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Smart Shopping in Assisi!!!

Shopping in Assisi
The entrance with wines. When I came here, it was just a season of "OLIO NUOVO (freshly squeezed olive oil)".

Shopping in Assisi
Wine corner on the right. They have mainly Umbrian wines but there are also sold many Tuscan wines at reasonable prices. At the back there are many bottles of truffle.

Shopping in Assisi
In the restaurant you can drink wine (not free). There are also small tables and chairs, and it's also possible to order a delicious plate of hams and cheeses.

Shopping in Assisi
Let's taste honey. Too many types!!

Shopping in Assisi
Here are pastas and pasta sauces. wow....

Shopping in Assisi
At the back of the shop there is a showcase of ham, salami and some cheese. There is also a mixed platter for who would like to eat inside the shop.

Shopping in Assisi
Mario, the owner and his clerk.

Recommended souvenir shop in Assisi.

Assisi is a jewel town of Umbria region, called the Green Heart of Italy. It's nestled on a hilltop surrounded by nature and famous for its superb olive oil, good wine and mountain food. If you go to travel to Assisi, please purchase some "delicious" souvenirs of Italy.

They have a large variety of goods!

This shop is situated in the center of Assisi, 5-minutes walk from the City Hall Square (Piazza del Comune) to east. Its entrance is easy to recognize with a notice of "Galleria del Gusto (Gallery of the Taste)".
Going inside, you will be surprised. On the right side there is a big display of countless wines, and in the center there are many traditional sweets and local honey jars. On the left side there are bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the shelves. Plenty of Assisi's specialties!! There are various colorful pastas and more than 30 types of balsamic vinegar. It's just "Gallery of the Taste"!!

Tasting is possible!

Inside the shop, you can try to taste many of the goods: olive oil, fresh black truffle paste, honey and even wild boar salami.
It's possible also to dine here. On of the corner of the shop they sell, ham, salami and cheeses and you can enjoy those items with delicious local red wines. If you become hungry during shopping for souvenirs, let's do refreshments here! Of course there are some seats and wine is served in a glass.

The owner of this shop runs also a restaurant!!

The owner of this shop runs also a restaurant across the street diagonally "Magnavino". That's why they have always best ham and olive oil, as well as rich variety of wines. Let's go to eat in his restaurant if you like. It's certain that you can enjoy best selection of delicious ingredients and elegant cuisine.

from ITALY
I recommend you here if you buy souvenirs in Assisi!

This "Galleria del Gusto" is the best grocery shop in Assisi!! It has a wide selection of wines and many kinds of truffles. You can try to taste cheese and salami free.
The staffs are very friendly. You will find too much items to choose!


Corso Mazzini, 12-06081 Assisi (PG) Italy
Location : go west from the Basilica of Santa Chiara (center of town). On the left side of the Corso Mazzini.
Tel: +39 075 816105

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