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A small church in a big church? Chapel of Porziuncola like a surprise box

Santa Maria degli Angeli in Assisi
The great dome of Santa Maria degli Angeli. The majestic building with a gorgeous facade. It's difficult to image that a small chapel is hidden inside.

Santa Maria degli Angeli in Assisi
The facade of the Santa Maria degli Angeli church (center). A golden big statue of Madonna on the top is three times higher than the normal height. The church was rebuilt after the earthquake of the 19th century.

Santa Maria degli Angeli in Assisi
It would be a strange experience to see another small church inside. St. Francis began missionary work in this Porziuncola chapel.

Santa Maria degli Angeli in Assisi
A beautiful view from St. Francis Cathedral in the old town towards the new city. You can find the dome of Santa Maria degli Angeli church in the distance.

The church of Santa Maria degli Angeli situated outside of Assisi is also world heritage site

Assisi is located in Umbrian region in central Italy. It's a small town near the Mt. Subasio and famous for the birthplace of St. Francis. This area is full of the green lands and olive groves. It's an unchanged beautiful ancient town with plenty of nature.

The historical town of Assisi is located on the northeast side from the train station. However, across the railroad tracks to south, there is another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the "Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli".

A small church in a big church? The pearl conserved in a shell

10 minutes walk from the railway station, 2 minutes by bus, you can arrive at the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. The large dome (cupola) of this church has a golden statue of Mary above the facade. It's really huge and overwhelming building. Inside the church however, it can be seen a very interesting sight. Beneath the central dome, there is a small "dwelling" alone on the center of the big church. That is a chapel of Porziuncola. St. Francis received this small chapel in the early days of his missionary. In order to protect this ancient chapel, the giant church of Santa Maria degli Angeli was built like a shell.

Porziuncola retains vestiges of the old time

Although the facade of Porziuncola chapel is totally covered with gorgeous frescoes now, the building itself is very small and plain. Here in this chapel St. Francis was listening the voice of God. He threw away all of his properties and inherited this humble Porziuncola chapel as a base for missionary work. At that time here was separated from the old town of Assisi... It was standing alone in the wild field.

Don't miss also the chapel of Transito, where St. Francis passed away

Behind the Porziuncola chapel there is another chapel of Transito (Cappella del Transito). St. Francis passed away on October 3, 1226 in this chapel of Transito. Inside there is a statue of St Francis in the center and on the both sides there are frescoes painted by the early disciples. At the feet of the statue a code of St. Francis is conserved in the glass case.
Porziuncola is a sacred place where pious believers visit and pray. When you come to Assisi, as well as in the old town, please visit here and fell the history of 800 years.

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Inside the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli church, now it's not allowed to take pictures. I wanted to take some photos but it was impossible. The church has a beautiful garden of roses without thorns. Please visit also this garden. When you go to Assisi, please study a little bit about the history and life of Saint Francis.


Name Chapel of Porziuncola (Santa Maria degli Angeli)
Location Go left from the Assisi train station. 10 minute walk across the railroad tracks. Take a bus at the station toward "Santa Maria degli Angeli", two-minute ride.
Opening Hours Summer: 7:00-18:00
Winter: 7:00-17:00
Phone number +39 075-8051430
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