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About Bergamo

Bergamo is very calm.
It takes about 1 hour by train from Milan. If you stay in Milan, it's ideal for a day trip.

Bergamo's beautiful skyline is admirable from the hilltop town of "Bergamo Alta".

The cable car of Bergamo costs 1 euro for 1 ride. The ticket is common with bus ticket. One day ticket costs 2.5 euros.

A scenic town Bergamo is one hour from Milan

One hour by train from Milan, you can see a beautiful and graceful town of Bergamo nestled on the hilltop.
Bergamo is known as the most beautiful town in Lombardy region. Due to the vagaries of history, this town has its own characteristics. With its unique architectures, the elegant Bergamo is very attractive. Although it's a small town on the hill with population of 110,000 people, many tourists from around the world visit here for its beauty.

A fantastic medieval town

Bergamo has an unique beauty with fantastic atmosphere which gives an imagine of a medieval scene. It has inspired many great artists.
Debussy's "Suite Bergamasque" was dedicated for Bergamo. His "Moonlight" has a quiet beautiful piano melody and is still loved all over the world. A famous French writer Stendhal visited Bergamo by Napoleon's invitation. He wrote "the hills of Bergamo is more beautiful than I've ever seen anywhere" in his diary.

It's divided in two, Bassa and Alta

Bergamo town is divided into two districts. Bergamo Alta is a part of beautiful hilltop with a scent of the medieval and Renaissance atmosphere. Bergamo Bassa is a modern part spread down the hill.
Bergamo's appeal concentrates at Bergamo Alta, which was built during the Venetian Republic. It's almost like a fortress town. Most of the town of Bergamo Alta was built from the 13th to the 16th century, during the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.

Peacefully and calmly

Unlike the busiest city Milan, laid-back town of Bergamo is the size of one day walking. Around the walls surrounding Bergamo Alta, there is a great walking course overlooking the hills with the beautiful Alps. Please walk slowly to explore the landscape of this beautiful town with many slopes. At night a fantastic moonlight covers this hills gently. It's also good to feel the tranquility of these hills.
To go Bergamo Alta, please take a bus No.1 from the station of Bergamo Bassa, then take the cable car (funicular).

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It takes about one hour from Milan by FS train. It's recommended for those who want to tour a medieval town peacefully, away from the hustle and bustle of Milan.