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Amalfi Coast : Positano

About Positano

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From the bus stop to the town of Positano let's go down a hill or stairs.
The beautiful sea spreads below.

There are many shops of resorts sandals in Positano.
Original sandal can be ordered choosing the thong color and design.

The colorful resort fashion.
Let's enjoy shopping in a lot of shops along the path of the town. I also bought a hemp stall.

Of course, don't forget about the beautiful sea and sandy beach.
Everyone walking around is wearing a swim suit.

Positano town spreads over a cliff and the sea shore.

It would be possibly the most famous and popular among tourists.
The coastline of 40 km from Sorrento to Salerno is called Amalfitana Costiera, and it's said one of the world's most beautiful coastline.
Following the winding coastline there are small towns between the lemon groves as "dotts". Positano is one of the most exclusive resort. Its beautiful streets attract people who spends their vacation in style.

Thrilling! ! Enjoy the Amalfi coast by bus!

Amalfi coast road runs along the coastline. If you can lent a car and drive by yourself, it would be wonderful, but for the whom isn't used to driving in Italy it would be very difficult.You can use the long-distance bus service from Sorrento to Amalfi via Positano.
Let's visit the Amalfi Coast by bus!
On the left side you can see beautiful mountains and right the cliffs with the emerald green Tyrrhenian Sea below.
Italian bus runs at very high speed and the streets are really narrow, so you would sweat many times seeing oncoming cars or cliff-side nearby. This bus trip would be so thrilling! In order to view the cliffs and sea below, please get a beachside seat!

I personally recommend staying at Amalfi.

There are also hotels in Positano, but I personally have more fun staying in the town of Amalfi. Depends of your favorite, Positano with a luxual resort atmosphere, or Amalfi with a simple southern Italian mood. Since local tours are held every day in each town, you can also enjoy half-day cruising on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Anyway, when you go to the Amalfi coast, it would be better to stay at least two nights.
Especially during the warmer months, you can enjoy the sea and mountains and of course good cuisine and wine.
("Hotel L'Antico Convitto" where I stayed in Amalfi is super recommended!)

Two bus stops in Positano, Chiesa Nuova is more convenient

Positano has two bus stops and Chiesa Nuova is more useful and convenient to go to town. This is the first bus stop coming from Sorrento.
You can ask a bus driver where you should get off.
The bus stop is located on a hill, so in order to arrive in the heart of Positano, just go down the slope and the stairs from the bus stop.

Enjoy shopping, this is "Positano Sandal"!

Positano is a little bit expensive city being a luxury resort. There are many restaurants, caffes, souvenir shops etc. The eye-catching fashion, especially in the Mediterranean is to wear comfortable clothing of linen on the resort. There are also many shops of leather sandals of various sizes and measures. You can choose your own designs and accessories and get original sandals. They will be ready in about an hour, so it's also good as a souvenir or gift. It's all handmade, of course.

Many restaurants of good atmosphere

There are many restaurants, but a little bit expensive.
However at those restaurants you can enjoy a good couisine overlooking the sea under an umbrella. The main course is seafood, chilled white wine is the best drink.

Advice from Italy
Advices from who lives in Italy

Positano is the most popular town in the Amalfi Coast, so a lot of vacation travelers vists here. It would be better to avoid the most crowded season like August and choose June or September and October.
You can swim also in the sea if it's a fine day. Please note that in the winter good restaurants and hotels are closed.