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Trattoria Pallotta

Restaurant in Assisi
Mural painted called "Volta Pinta" of the 16th century. Please find this arched ceiling first. Stairs to the restaurant are the left rear.

Restaurant in Assisi
Entrance of the trattoria. Good impression of a wooden door and the pot of trees placed around.

Restaurant in Assisi
Inside. People spend the time leisurely.

Restaurant in Assisi
House-style appetizer plate (8.5 euros). There is a cute strawberry in the middle. Your appetite is richened by its colorful combination. I liked a oval rice croquette on the left!

Restaurant in Assisi
Umbrian Strangozzi with Truffles (8.5 euros). Please don't forget to eat this one in Assisi!

Restaurant in Assisi
Escalope with Marsala sauce (8 euros). It looks small but has a rich taste.

Taste 4 stars It's located in the Piazza del Comune, just opposite the Temple of Minerva. There are stairs and go down where there is a vaulted ceiling with murals. The trattoria is on the left immediately. The entrance is surrounded by potted plants and shows a quiet atmosphere like secret place. This trattoria has also hotel rooms. It's possible to taste the traditional Umbrian cuisine at reasonable prices.
Mood 4 stars
Price 4 stars
Total 4 stars

Go through the door, a luxurious time in the afternoon will welcome you ...

Go through the door, a luxurious time in the afternoon will welcome you ...
First of all, first impression is very nice. Friendly but modest attitude of staffs is very pleasant... Another waitress who came to take orders was listening me very gently, and explained slowly and carefully. It is also polite to serve plates and glasses noiselessly!! (On their internet sites listed below, all staffs are presented). It's very comfortable the daylight illuminating the interior coming from large windows and doors.

Inside is quite large comparing to the small entrance, but it's always full at dinner time. For dinner it's necessary to reserve. For lunch reservations are not obligatory but required. Quite often the window seats become full soon.
Being seated, let's start to order water Naturale (no gas) or Gassata (with gas). Do not worry as it's included in table fee with bread. Moistening the throat, select menu carefully!

Your expectation will become larger tasting good Antipasto

First of all I ordered the original Starter's Platter (Antipasto misto alla casa). Three types of Umbrian sarami are very delicate in the mouth. Both of the vegetable quiche and the small pie have soft fluffy texture and taste and relieve the salty of salami. Crostini with pate' has a relatively light taste. However, which I liked the best among these starters was rice croquette (Suppli di riso). The exquisite harmony of ham and cheese and rice! It was quite mysterious taste, I wanted more pieces again.

Please taste Strangozzi

Umbria's white wine is not too heavy not too light so it's good for pasta dishes. I ordered Strangozzi with Truffles (Strangozzi al Tartufo), of course the combination with white wine was excellent! That's true "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". Strangozzi is one of the specialties of Umbria and is unique for its glutinous texture. Since there is no other pasta like this in other region, please try it here!! The chewy texture is very tasty and filling.

Meat is also perfect

For main dish I selected Escalope with Marsala sauce (Scaloppina al Marsala). The tender meat was quite melting and sour sweet sauce of Marsala wine was excellent!Since this sauce is very rich and tasty, please enjoy this dish with a fresh green salad to refresh your mouth. I also ordered Mixed salad (Insalata mista).

Please also enjoy contact with other customers

I wanted to try also dessert but I "sadly" abandoned it because my stomach was already full enough...Maybe Strangozzi made it. Awesome. If you'd like to enjoy various dishes it's would be better to share as possible. Looking around the restaurant while enjoying the cafe after dinner instead of Dolce, I noticed that there were many elder couples. I enjoyed talking with one of them next to me. Everyone seemed relaxed and very calm in this restaurant.

There are various combination among fixed set menu.

There is also a wide variety of fixed set menu. They are unique dishes... Their tourist menu 16 euros is including pasta, main dish, side dishes, wine, and fruits. Another set menu, Tasting (Assaggi) course has four kinds of appetizers, two kinds of pasta, three types of meat (choose from six types) and your favorite dessert. It costs only 25 euros!!! I want to try it for the next time. There is also vegetarian course, 24 euros or wine tasting course of 12 euros and 16 euros. It is highly recommended to wine enthusiasts!

Decisive point than anything is "sense of security."

During your travel, to choose good restaurants to spend an important moment is essential. In this point of view, I highly recommend this trattoria. In addition of tastes, you can have a sense of security from their atmosphere. It's able to relax and enjoy your meal calmly at the first visit. It will become quite busy at night, so those who prefer quiet scene, it's recommend lunch time.

from ITALY
I recommend "Trattoria Pallotta"

This trattoria has many delicate flavors and sauces to season food. I think there would be no mistake if you choose any menu here. Please taste their cuisine with a glass of wine slowly.
It's sure that this trattoria would make more enjoyable memories of your visit in Assisi.


MENU (June 2009)
Table charge 2.5 euros / person (Pan, Natural water)

Antipasto misto alla casa 8.5 euros, Antipasto misto vegetaliano 8.5 euros, Antipasto degustazione 7.5 euros

Antipasto Piccolo (Little Appetizer)

Bruschette miste 4.5 euros, Salumi umbri con torta al testo 7.5 euros, Crostini di pate con torta al testo 5 euros, Torta al testo con verdura 5 euros, Spaghetti al pomodoro o ragu 5 euros, Penne al pomodoro o ragu 5 euros

Primo piatto

Strangozzi "alla Pallotta" 8.5 euros, Strangozzi al Tartufo 18 euros, Raviolini ricotta e spinaci 9 euros, Tagliatelle al ragu o pomodoro 6.5 euros, Lasagne al forno 8 euros, Cannelloni 8 euros, Zuppa di verdure 6.5 euros, Minestrone di verdure 6.5 euros

Secondo piatto
Mein dishes

Spuntature di maiale alla griglia 10 euros, Salsicce alla griglia 9 euros, Coniglio alla cacciatora con torta al testo 13 euros, Piccione alla ghiotta con crostone 16 euros, Bistecca di vitello alla griglia 15 euros, Agnello scottadito 15 euros, Arrosto misto 15 euros, Girello di vitello arrosto 9 euros, Cotoletta alla Milanese 8 euros, Scaloppina al vino bianco 8 euros, Scaloppina al Marsala 8 euros, Scaloppina al limone 8 euros, Braciola di maiale alla griglia 8 euros, Omelette a piacere 6 euros, Caprese 7 euros, Formaggi misti 8 euros

Side dish

Insalata verde , Insalata mista , Insalata di pomodori , Insalata di carote , Patate arrosto con finocchio , Verdure di stagione cotte , Erba campagnola
4 euros

vino, bevande

Birra 3 euros
Vino bianco/rosso 1/2Liter 4 euros

Store name Trattoria Pallotta
Address Vicolo della Volta Pinta n. 3, Assisi (PG) Italy
How to reach

From the Piazza del Comune, the historical center of Assisi, there is a vaulted ceiling mural "Volta Pinta" across the street from the Temple of Minerva. There is a big sign. Go down the stairs and on the left.

Phone number +39 075 812 649
Closed Tuesday
Opening Hours 12:15-14:30, 19:15-21:30
Budget 1人16 euros per person
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