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About Matera

Matera is made of limestone cave dwellings (Sassi)

I Sassi (Sasso) is an Italian word which means "rock". It's said that monks from the East had settled here between 8th to 13th century, and several layers of limestone can be seen. This beautiful white town like the ruins is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage (cultural heritage) in 1993.

There are also many churches with a mixture of several styles. Duomo is the center of the Sassi district, built 13th century.

Super-recommended! Let's stay inside the Sassi district!

Usually from Bari to Matera you can go by train. Of course you can stay at Bari but staying inside the Sassi would be an unforgettable experience. There are reasonable hotel accommodations.

There are three major districts, Civita as a hill district, Sassi district and Sasso Barisano district. Including the old town, Matera is a very safe town and Sassi area is a great place to stay for some days.

Because focusing on tourism, there are many hotels, restaurants and supermarkets.


The exciting road to Matera!

Matera is called as an island of land. From Rome to Bari, you can use IC (Intercity) of the Italian State Railways and change to the private railway.

This private railway is really cute. The sunshine pouring inside through the window and the pleasant breeze will enhance the traveler's sentiment. Olive groves outside. Many old olive trees have surprisingly thick trunk and rugged shape. Some trees will become 100 years old.

As Named as Sassi, Matera is a dry and rocky land. The land with a lot of lime stone is suitable for the cultivation of olives and grapes. When you go to Matera please check train times and stops in advance. (To see private railways and bus timetables)


Delicious food at cheap prices!

Not being full of foreign tourists, you can stay here calmly. Delicious food will be found at very cheap prices compared to Rome or Florence.

And there are many restaurants with delicious wine. Local people is very kind and you can get some friendship by just walking down the street. The transport links are not frequent, but it's worth to go there as well.

The streets lighted up at night has a breathtaking beauty. It's good to go on a trip with a new digital camera for this opportunity!

From Italy
Advice from who lives in Italy

Matera seems a little bit too far, however if you have 2-3 nights to stay at Matera, your trip would become really special. You can enjoy lunch at a luxury restaurant and walking the streets in the evening. Matera is peaceful and safe city so don't worry about pickpockets or danger.

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