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About Roma

Vatican City Rome
The Catholic headquarter, Vatican is always full of people.
As well as the Vatican Museums, it's recommendable to visit with enough time.

Trevi Fountain
The popular Trevi Fountain is the best photo spot.
At night, there are less people and lighting is beautiful.

Campo de Fiori
The morning market "Mercato" is an occasion to glimpse of Roman life.
At the Campo de' Fiori market you can get also souvenirs. Of course, they are cheap!

Eternal City ROMA

Rome is the capital of Italy. Its population is 282 million (2005) and is the most populous city in Italy. Its long history of more than 2500 years from the ancient Rome, the rich culture and its beauty gave a nickname of "Eternal City".

Historically Rome had been occupied many times. However, from the early Middle Ages until the modern times, this city had flourished as the capital of the Papal States. In the late Renaissance period, Rome became the cultural center of whole Europe. Then in 1871, when Italy was unified, the Papal States was annexed to the Kingdom of Italy and Rome became the capital of unified Italy instead of Florence.

Current Rome

Now Rome is Italy's current political and cultural center (economic center is Milan).
In addition, Rome is a "tourist city" numerous tourists gather from around the world. There are two main terminal of international flights; "Leonardo da Vinci Airport (Fiumicino Airport)" for all international lines and "Ciampino Airport (Aeroporto di Roma Ciampino)" for European and domestic lines.

The entrance of the train station is "Termini station (Stazione Termini)". Here is also one of the largest stations in Europe. It has been recently renovated and in the basement there is a shopping mall.

Recommended attractions of Rome

Rome has the most numerous interesting attractions in Italy. St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Museums , world-wide famous Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps, the historical Colosseum and Roman Forum, Pantheon, Navona Square, and many beautiful churches (Church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, etc.)... And each of those monuments has a long story and witty episodes. When you come to Rome, it's highly recommendable to bring a detailed guide book.

Before your tour in Rome, it's recommended to read "Angels and Demons"!

Recently, Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons" causes a big boom of exploration in Rome. There are many organized tours of this city, too. If you have never read this book yet, it's highly recommended to read it before coming to Rome. Real famous churches and monuments of Rome are key words of this exciting story. Walking through the city of Rome, you will be able to find a moment like "Oh, this obelisk is used at that scene of the book!z杠ou will enjoy visiting Rome much more.

Few good restaurants in Rome, but...

In addition to tourism, another fun of visiting Italy would be food! However, in Rome, the Italy's capital city, good restaurants are found rarely. Because there are too many tourists... Even if they offer bad service and not good taste, it's possible to earn enough from tourists...

However, don't worry. Slightly outside from the city center, there are several good restaurants that are loved by many local people. For example Carlomenta and Tre Archi. They are popular restaurants among the locals. Also on this website, we introduce our recommended restaurants. So please do a research before leaving for Rome.