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Milan, Italy

About Milan

The capital city of Northern Italy, Milan

Italy's second largest city Milan belongs to Northern Italy, Lombardy region. Its population is 130 million.
Milan had repeated occupation and rule over and over through the bloody European history.
In the late middle ages and the Renaissance it was ruled by the Visconti Family and Sforza Family, two major nobles. Still now Milan's famous attraction is a castle of Sforza Family, "Castello Sforzesco". Milan is also famous for that Leonardo da Vinci had stayed more than 20 years in the age of the Renaissance. Recently one of his great masterpieces "the last supper" conserved in Milan was taken up in the book and film of "Da Vinci Code", and became a major tourist attraction.

Enjoy the modern Italian city, Milan

After the downfall of Napoleon, Milan was ruled by Spain and Austria. Then it became the heart of the Italian resistance movement, and after the second Italian independence war in 1859, this city was incorporated as part of the Kingdom of Italy.
Milan undertook the heavy bombing by the allies during World War II. However after the war, it developed rapidly and now is the heart of Italian economy as well as other international cities of the world like Paris, London and New York.
According to a local Italian writer (Gianni De served), Milan is not a city with idyllic and historical atmosphere of other Italian cities. But a city which has developed into a big metropolitan while keeping the historical urban structures. Plus, the modern and traditional life style of the people who live there characterizes the feature of Milan. So, Milan is a only city which has developed continuously in Italy. If Rome and Florence are places to enjoy their history, and if Naples and Sicily are where you can enjoy the Sun and the sea, Milan would be the city to enjoy the modern atmosphere.

Map of Mialn

Montenapoleone StreetMontenapoleone Street (Via Montenapoleone) is full of famous Boutiques. It's located in the northeast of the Duomo and next to the downtown street (via d. Spiga). There are many brand shops like Gucci, Prada and ETRO. If you love Italian Brands, here is absolutely an exciting district!!

The origin of Fashion, Interior and Design, Milan

Milan's two major industries are after all "Fashion" and "Design". It's known as a destiny to new creators from all over the world. There are many young artists such as musicians or painters in Milan. And more, many students gather to learn "design" and "fashion" at art schools. Yes, Milan is a science city. Milan collection began in 1978, and now it's one of the world 3 biggest fashion collections along with Paris and New York.

The street Montenapoleone in the center of Milan is famous as a brand shopping street. There are many shops of such as Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Etro, Ferragamo, Giorgio Armani, etc... You can find some qualified items presented at Milan collection only here.

On the other hand, Milan is famous also for the Interior and architecture. And it's known as a city of modern design incorporating tradition and modernity. Here it's held the international exhibition of art and design: Milan Triennale.

Holy City of Football, San Siro

Don't forget another attraction in Milan, "Football". Italy was champion of the 2006 World Cup and Milan has the home stadium San Siro of the "Intel" and the "AC Milan", Italy's two major clubs. Both of two club teams are world wide popular. Needless to say that there are many visitors to see superstars' play at San Siro.

サン・シーロ競技場San Siro Stadium, the home stadium of the Intel and the AC Milan. A locker room of the Italy's largest stadium (capacity 85800 people).

Eat in Milan, restaurants

There is a special system in Milan. This system is called "Aperitivo". Practically it's a buffet system and once you pay for a glass of drink, you can eat as you want from dishes at the counter. "Aperitivo" means "aperitif" and it was invented for Italian people who eat dinner usually from 9:00 pm. Time zone is roughly from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. Local Milanese love to discuss about delicious and stylish restaurants.

Milan people are grumpy?

Milanese are considered fashionable and grumpy, but after all they are cheerful Italian. Unfortunately to stay for a few nights it's difficult to know them well, but the depth of the Milanese would be shy kindness hidden behind daily metropolitan life style.
Milan is a city where history and modernity coexist. Please enjoy your stay in a snob and fashionable city.

Galleria di MilanoBeautiful arched glass ceiling of Galleria, symbol of Milan. Here is a popular spot with famous cafe, restaurants and bookshop.

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Advices from who lives in Milan

Since many canals ran around the city once, in summer there are many many mosquitoes. Please bring some anti-insects when you go to outdoor cafes and restaurants at night.

When you need to go to toilet in the center of Milan, there is public toilets on the 4th floor of the famous department store "Rinascente" next to the Duomo.

If you would like to spend relaxing vacation near Milan, famous resorts of Europe like Como Lake and medieval town "Bergamo" are recommended.