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About Pisa

Map of Pisa

Arno River
Arno River - an elegant town and Arno River. The inseparable existence to the people of Pisa.

Pisa, a town of the Leaning Tower

Pisa is the seat of the prefectural government of Pisa in Tuscany county, and a port town facing the Tyrrhenian Sea. The town flourished on both sides of the river Arno, from 11th to 13th century together with Venice, Genoa and Amalfi, Pisa was one of the most powerful four maritime republics which influenced the commercial trade in the Mediterranean. After the 13th century there were some battles with Lucca and Florence to about possession of the river Arno, and in 1509 Pisa has been conquered by the Medici family.

Talking about Pisa, the famous Leaning Tower!

Pisa's most typical touristic sights are the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Cathedral, Baptistery of "Square of Miracles (Piazza dei Miracoli) ", which are registerd on the list of the World Heritage Sites. From the central station you can walk to reach the center of the town. In addition you can visit "Square of the Knights (Piazza dei Cavalieri)", "Church of Santa Maria della Spina (S. Maria della Spina)" and a number of churches, "Pisa University College Botanic Gardens (Orto Botanico di Pisa)" etc... there are many other attractions. These attractions are visitable by bus tours, or boat trip on the Arno River (Il Navicello).

Not only the Leaning Tower!

Please enjoy also other events in Pisa! On 16 June there is a fantastic event "Luminara": 70000 candles will be lighted up on the both sides of the river Arno, and on the last Sunday in June a venerable festival "Games of the bridge (Gioco del Ponte) " will be held, the most crowded season in Pisa.

In summer you can go to enjoy sunbathing and swimming at Marina di Pisa (it takes 20 min. by bus of CPT). Also it takes 20-30 min. by CPT it's possible to visit other small towns, like Vico Pisano, Calci, or about 25 minutes by train to Lucca.

Pisa Turism
You can go around the touristic spots by carriage! One ride (4 - 5 persons) costs c.a. 30 euros.

Visit Pisa easygoing!!

Pisa is a medieval town with many ruins of historical fortress (CittadellĂ ). The atmosphere of the town is very particular with many old buildings and ruins, and a lot of tourists come from Europe and America. It seems that most people are staying more than 3 days.

Please stay at least one night, I really want you to experience Pisa. Walk through the narrow streets, taking breakfast at your favorite bar, or trying to visit other small towns by bus... I'm sure you will find the invisible face of Pisa.


Pisa Town
The street in front of the station will bring you to the shopping street of pisa, Via del Corso. Since it's pedestrian street you can enjoy window shopping freely. Recently, some cloth shops are open also during lunch time.