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Ristorante Buca di San Francesco

Restaurant in Assisi
Entrance of the restaurant. Inside there is a stained glass romantic door.

Restaurant in Assisi
Garden. Especially recommended lunch at the outdoor seating.

Restaurant in Assisi
Carne amore e fantasia (Ham, fruit and vegetable) 8 euros. A wonderful combination of salty ham and sweet fruit, and cheese and balsamic vinegar.

Restaurant in Assisi
Spaghetti alla Buca (Buca spaghetti) 8.5 euros. Pretty rich flavor.

Restaurant in Assisi
Carlaccia in Bellavista (meat and cheese crepe pie) 10 euros. Creamy cheese spreads out from crispy baked crepe.

Restaurant in Assisi
Umbricelli all'Ortolana (thick homemade pasta noodles, garden-style) 8 euros. Simple salty taste spreads in the mouth with delicate vegetable flavor.

Restaurant in Assisi
Courtyard at night. The fantastic atmosphere.

Taste 4.5 stars Their taste, atmosphere, service and price ... this Ristorante is recommended for all components. Also staff's service and whole atmosphere influence the quality of food. This restaurant can get full marks in any points. Please come here to dine for a wonderful memory of Assisi at the end of your stay.
Mood 4.5 stars
Price 4.5 stars
Total 4.5 stars

Calm and cute restaurant with a garden.

It takes only 1 or 2 minutes from the Piazza del Comune, however you would probably miss it while walking normally. Even if the entrance is easy to understand, it's situated in a blind spot of a touristic street. Indeed I passed away many times, too. Actually there are two entrances into the restaurant located between the two streets. One of them is facing the garden and creating a fairy-tale like atmosphere.

During the day you can enjoy a leisurely meal relaxing. The garden faces a very calm street so there is no need to worry about such high-traffic and visitors. In the evening you can watch great stars on your head. The inside of the restaurant becomes illuminated and creates a new fantastic atmosphere as seen in the picture.

Their dishes have distinctive names and refined tastes

Looking at the menu, I found some distinctive original names like Francescano (Mode of Franciscan monk) or Subasio (Subasio mountains), etc.. These names are relative to Assisi town and its story. In particular, the main dishes have several difficult names to imagine what they are. English menu will be brought together so don't worry, you can read descriptions listed properly. There are many daily plates, too and it would be difficult to choose.

Both of pasta and main dishes have delicate and refined tastes... I think they spend much more time than other normal restaurant! Please enjoy each dish slowly to understand the difference. Try a glass of local wine together.

Recommended Menu. First of all, spaghetti!

My first suggestion is Buca spaghetti (8.5 euros). Chewy yellow noodles with mushrooms and pork meat are really excellent...! It had a mysterious deep flavor, I tried to reproduce this dish at home somehow, but it's impossible. Indeed, this pasta has a same name of the restaurant itself. That means the chef is proud of this dish. The recipe would be a top secret ...

Another recommended dish is a crepe. Just taste it!

Another recommendation is the main one "Carlaccia in Bellavista" (EUR 10). It is a baked crepe wrapped with cheese, ham and vegetables. As seen in the photo, the outside is very crispy. From inside the melting hot cheese will come out and a pleasure flavor will suddenly expand. Also potatoes laid down are crispy and delicious!! Don't hesitate, just try! This is worth to taste! You should eat slowly but before it gets cold.

I recommend strongly to order these two items when you come here. I think they would be the most delicious dishes in the center of Assisi.

Smiley staffs

For Italians, eating time is one of the most important moments in life. Especially their lunch is holy time. In this restaurant, it's possible to avoid the hustle and bustle of tourists and traffics, so it's ideal for those who would like to enjoy a leisurely meal.

At that time I was enjoying also conversation with friendly staffs and forgot the time carelessly. I became the last customer at the end of lunch. I became concerned about their closing time, but all staffs were very smiley and indeed they served me a glass of digestive drink with strawberry! The owner gave me also a pretty postcard.

This restaurant was opened in 1973. Through the door a fairy tale like world will wait for you. Excellent cuisine!

from ITALY
Advice from who lives in Italy

I hadn't thought that there had been an excellent restaurant like this in the heart of Assisi. I came here after the high season, in November at opening time. I saw the restaurant became soon crowded.
The atmosphere of the restaurant is chic and calm. The taste is also elegant and refined as well. It was impressive. Risotto, pasta and soup... all excellent. Their service was also comfort and smooth. It's worth to come to taste here!!!


MENU (August 2009)
Table charge 2.5 euros / person

Fantasie di bruschette 6 euros, Bruschetta umbra 4 euros, Bruschetta con aringhe affumicate 6 euros, Prosciutto di cinghiale 8.5 euros, Prosciutto di cervo 8.5 euros, Prosciutto di capriolo 8.5 euros, Carne amore e fantasia 8 euros

Primo piatto

Spaghetti alla Buca 8.5 euros, Cannelloni alla maddalena 7.5 euros, Pennette alla ghiotta 7.5 euros, Spaghetti alla bottarga 9 euros, Tagliatelle al tartufo 13 euros, Sfogliatelle con porcini 8.5 euros, Gnocchetti ai profumi di bosco 8 euros, Umbricelli all'ortolana 8 euros, Quadrucci e ceci all'olio di Trevi 7.5 euros, Bocconcini di formaggio alla salvia 7.5 euros

Secondo piatto
Mein dishes

Carlaccia in bellavista 10 euros, Pollo allo chef 8.5 euros, Filetto di manzo al Rubesco 14 euros, Piccione all'assisana 15 euros, Filetto di manzo al tartufo 16 euros, Nodino di agnello agli aromi del Subasio 10 euros, Salsiccia umbra alla brace 7 euros, Scaloppine ai funghi porcini 10 euros, etc

Side dish

Insalata mista 4.5 euros, Verdura cotta 4 euros, Patate arrosto 4 euros, Cipolline all'agrodolce all'aceto balsamico 5 euros, Fagioli all'olio 4 euros


2-3.5 euros

Name Ristorante Buca di San Francesco
Address Via E.Brizi,Via A.Cristofani,26 06081 Assisi (PG) Italy
How to reach From the Piazza del Comune in the center of the town of Assisi, go west the Via Portica. Then follow the via Giotto to the left, soon one of the entrances will be seen on the left. At the end of the road, there is another entrance to the garden on the left.
Phone number Tel : +39 075 812 204
Fax. : +39 075 813 780
Closed Monday
Opening Hours 12:00-14:30, 19:00-21:30
Budget About 20 euros per person (excluding drink)
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