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About Venice (Venezia)

Venice is built on the so-called “Laguna (lagoon)” made of part of the Adriatic sea and the bay of Venice. In the Middle Ages Venice was a powerful Republic. The name Venezia is a symbol of power, it i salso known as the “Adriatic Queen”, Capital of Water and Adriatic Pearl.

The shape of the main island in Venice resambles that of a goldfish. And its Grand Canal flows in the middle. Cars are not allowed in Venezia, the public transport consists of water buses or water taxi salso known as vaporetto or motoscafo. Gondolas are nowdays only used for sightseeing. Several bridges span across the Canal, intersecting with small and norrow paths producine an enchanting scenari for the visitor.

Venice Gondola

Venice is divided into 6 districts called Dorsodoro, Santa Croce, San Polo, Sanmarco, Cannareggio, Castello. Around the main island there are the island of Murano, San Michele island which is the island of cenimetery, Lido Island famous for the movie Death in Venice, San Giorgio Maggiore island, Burano island famous for the knitting (lacework), Murano famous for its Venice glass atrtefact, Torcello island the oldest of all.

When atmospheric pressure, and the south wind Scirocco come in succession, the phenomenon of deep water is generated “Acqua Alta”. During winter the whole town of Venice is under water level. SanMarco is the lo west part of Venice so durino winter it is below sea level, it reflects in the water and it is very beautiful.