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Hermitage of Carceri (Eremo delle Carceri)

Eremo delle Carceri in Assisi
A statue of St. Francis welcomes visitors.

Eremo delle Carceri in Assisi
The aureola represents the integration of all creations of the God.

Eremo delle Carceri in Assisi
There are also some statues of St. Francis and his followers near the chapel.

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Many many devout Christians from all over the world come to Assisi. In this town there are several holy places in this town but also just outside there is other hidden holy places relative to St. Francis. If you have a time please visit some of these heavenly spots.

The spirit of Saint Francis is living in this Monastery

It's located 4km away from the center of Assisi. The white building nestles in a quiet lane surrounded by mountains. This is the hermitage of the Carceri where St. Francis and his followers were praying and meditating. "Eremo" means hermitage in Italian.

It would be a little bit tough going by walk but there are many pilgrims who always go on foot ....

I wanted to challenge but that day was more than 30 degrees in the heat. Therefore I abandoned to walk there and took a taxi. About 10 minutes of climbing the mountain and the winding drive, I arrived at a small parking full of cars and taxis of visitors. If you come by taxi, ask a driver to wait in front of the entrance for return to the town.

In the territory of the hermitage there is a great forest, so it might take two or more hours if you enjoy visiting slowly.

Passing through the entrance, the cool air of Mt. Subasio (ht 800m) gently fold the visitors. Although here is religious site, there is no pressure of solemnity or coercive atmosphere. You can fell very calm in the tender green woods. All the faces of people are very calm. Going on the white trail, you can see a statue of St. Francis on the left and a chapel below. Then there are many natural caves in the forest.

In the town of Assisi you can hear the birds so often, and here in the hermitage more strongly. It is deeply mysterious that here the color of flowers and nature seem much more impressive than when you are surrounded by traffics and chaos.

After visit in the touristic center of Assisi, please come to take a walk slowly in this modest place of meditation. You’ll be able to spend a peaceful time forgetting the fatigue of your travel.

Name Hermitage of Carceri (Eremo delle Carceri)
Opening Hours Summer 06:30-19:00
Winter 06:30-18:00
Phone number +39 0758-12301
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