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About Rimini

The gate of August built in 27 BC.

The Rimini coast is divided in each compartment with numbers. Facilities including shower and Beach houses are equipped.

Many hotels are lined along the Rimini coast.

Trade fairs are held all year round. In addition to the destination of summer vacation, Rimini has another face.

Rimini is located in the middle of Italy, southernmost part of the Emilia-Romagna Region

There is a town of Piacenza at north, nearer Milan, and Marche region is located at south. There are nine counties in the Emilia-Romagna. Rimini province is the most southern province with 140,000 population. The bus from Rimini station goes to several Rimini's attractions and small towns nearby. Since in this town, an Italian prominent filmmaker Federico Fellini (1920-1993) was born, it's famous among his movie fans. Cinema Festival is also held here.

History of Rimini is very old, dates back to the 6th century BC

Rimini had been once the ancient Roman colony. This location had attracted lots of emperors as a hub between the Flaminia road toward the Central Italy and Emilia road toward North Italy. It's believed that Julius Caesar made a speech in the current Tre Martiri square (Piazza Tre Martiri), ex Ariminum Square in 508 BC. The rock considered to be climbed by Julius Caesar at the speech can be visited in Rimini still now. Afterward, various buildings were built by the Emperor Augustus and Tiberius. Ruins made more than 2000 years ago remain intact still now. Rimini is known as a town conserving oldest ruins outside of Rome. In the Middle Ages, the town got its authorization of municipality and various churches and historic buildings were realized. Rimini is known just only as the gateway to the Republic of San Marino, but Rimini itself has many interesting spots. Please enjoy a stay in Rimini slowly.

Rimini is known as a summer big, big, big resort

Rimini is situated along the Adriatic Italy, the east part of peninsula. It's a popular destination of summer vacation. Since lots of people from Europe come to this town every year, it's also called "Italian Miami". From June to September, the town becomes very crowded with both young people and families enjoying peaceful sea holidays. Hotels are situated along the coast line and among tourists month, many vacationers rent a room for a month or more to enjoy long vacation in Rimini. Each hotel has its neat beach and compartment. You can ask rental umbrellas and sun chairs. Hotels price option is half board (including breakfast and lunch) or full board (three meals). Moreover, there are many language schools so lots of young people come to study Italian language using the summer vacation. They go to lessons in the morning, and relax on the beach in the afternoon! Then eat fresh fish at night, at the night time go to dance!! Famous clubs in Italy are located all in Rimini. For young people it would be a good memory of summer. At night the coastal street becomes busy with people taking a walk or enjoying drinks. The town that never sleeps overnight.

In the town, a known trade fair is held, too

Rimini trade fair (RIMINI FIERA is spotlighted in Emilia-Romagna region as well as other trade fair venues of Piacenza, Bologna, Parma. It has a long history of 60 years, in total 37 trade fairs are held annually. Among them 11 fairs are international fairs. There are many exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. Since Rimini represents a tourist destination, also trade fair's theme is divided into four; travel, hotel facilities, food, and technology. Especially its food fairs aim at the health-conscious food or allergy-free food, etc. The technology fairs feature recycling of PC bodies, PC peripheral parts and ecology-conscious technology. Railways station is located in the huge premises.

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During the summer season in Rimini, there are many vacationers who rent hotels per month. Therefore it's better to book your room in advance. You can forget the time and spent relaxing moment at sea with fresh fish dinner and strolls with gelato.