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The Italian peninsula has led to Northern Europe and, has 301,230 km ² area. Continental Connection section called northern Italy, Central Italy to the boundary of Naples and southern Italy.

The Apennines that runs through the center of the peninsula italian, 90 percent of the land is mountainous. The Italian population is about 60 million people, GDP has become the world's tenth highest.

National flag Three colors, from the left, green, white and red (Tricolore). A symbol of 19th century Italian unification movement, and green means "land, " white "peace " and red "passionate love ". Italians love the National flag, during the World Cup and adorn it from the windows of many houses.
Regions There are 20Regions (Regione) in Italy, each region has a capital. For example, the capital of Tuscany is Florence, Rome is situated in Lazio region.
National Cities Once Italy is an aggregate of the city-states, before the Italian people will be respected in that city. For example, Naples' people and Florences people are quite different of their practice , thinking and the character. In this remnant, when first met italian ask, "Where are you from? (Di dove'e '?) ".
Energy Resources The energy resources of Italy is largely dependent on import from the foreign, gas, coal and oil. Thats prices is very high (gasoline 1.3 euros / 1 Liter). More 80% of power generation are covered from oil and natural gas-fired power generation, after the Chernobyl accident has stopped the operation of nuclear power plant of the results of the referendum.
Mafia Italy is famous the Mafia, in fact in southern Italy has been particularly active the organization under the surface. I get news of the arrest the boss also recently. By the way, the Mafia and organized crime in Sicily and elsewhere, Camorra of Naples, Nudorangeta of Calabria and others.
Street parking Anyone traveling to Italy, was surprised by the number of on-street parking. Italy has a high rate of car ownership, is the world's second highest next to the United States. And Rome and other old cities impossible build underground parking for many ancient ruins, and building-parking for the landscape ordinance. There is also no parking fines but the problem is not solved.
Food culture Italian was the city-state and there are a variety of traditional dishes in each city.There are more than 100 types of pasta all over Italy, each city has the original traditional pasta and source. Broadly divided, many Northern eat butter and rice, while in the south are well cooked pasta, olive oil and tomatoes.
Pasta A kind of pasta spaghetti are food of the common people until the early 18th century, with only cheese, ate from the bottom by hand holding over the head. And in the late 18th century, the forks (with 4 teeth) were invented by Ferdinand II King of Naples.
Came to eat pasta with tomato sauce, that since the mid-19th century, it was invented recently for the history of pasta.

Comparison of Italy and the United States

  Capital Coordinate Area Population GDP Currency Time zone Calling code
Italy Rome 41°54′N
301,338 km²
71th in the world
$2.118 trillion
Euro (EUR,€) UTC+1 +39
Usa Washington, D.C. 38°53′N
9,826,675 km²
3rd in the world
$14.256 trillion
United States dollar
UTC-5 +1

Regions and the capital of Italy, characterized by Region

There are 20 regions throughout Italy
  Region Capital Features   Region Capital Features
Northern Italy Valle d'Aosta Aosta Agricultural region Alps Central Italy Umbria Perugia Green heart of Italy
Piemonte Torino Located in the French border River Basin, a vast granary areas Abruzzo L'Aquila  
Lombardia Milano Milan, Lake Como is famous Molise Campobasso  
Trentino-Alto Adige Trento Seen the impact of the Tyrol, Austrian border Lazio Roma The capital of state Roma have a strong southern state color
Veneto Venezia Venezia is the world's only city of Water Southern Italy Campania Napoli Capri and Ischia here
Friuli-Venezia Giulia Trieste The border with Austria and Yugoslavia Basilicata Potenza There is Matera, famous of Sassi (cave dwellings)
Liguria Genova Riviera with port cities Puglia Bari Heel boots, cone-shaped trulli Alberobello is famous
Central Italy Emilia-Romagna Bologna Delicious food agricultural areas Calabria Catanzaro Toes, in the entrance to the land of Sicily
Toscana Firenze The birthplace of the Renaissance Sicilia Palermo Largest island in the Mediterranean. Remains of various cultures
Marche Ancona Full of nature along the Adriatic Sea Sardegna Cagliari Exotic atmosphere, beauty nature.