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About Cremona

A beautiful town, Cremona

Look, it's indeed the town of violin.

Town of the instrumental manufacturers blessed by the gods, "Cremona"

To make a history of the Italian music, the hand of God descended on this town "Cremona".
Here is famous as a birth town of Antonio Stradivari (1644-1737) and Andrea Amati (1511-1580), historical masters of violin manufacturers. Still now this town is famous as a town of the violin.

The violins produced by Antonio Stradivari are called "Stradivarius".His violins have hundreds million value and still now they are offering beautiful melodies tunefully.
Now, in this town it's considered that there are still 80 over violin workshops. You can see many boards of violin workshops. Cremona is exactly full of traditional violin manufacturers.

Cremona Cathedral and Museum of violin

in the heart of the city, at the Comune Square (Palazzo Comunale), there is a Duomo of Cremona. That is countered one of the masterpieces of Lombardy buildings. At the side, the highest tower Torrazzo in Europe is located. In the Municipal Palace, there is a wonderful violin collection (Collezione dei Violni di Palazzo Comunale) is exhibited. You can see about 10 masterpieces of selected famous violins.

In the town, everywhere you will see statues of Stradivari and his tomb.
It's interesting to visit small violin workshops, but the highlight of Cremona is the Stradivarius Museum. The collection of this museum boasts the largest scale in Lombardy.

Suitable for a day trip from Milan!

This Cremona is located southeast from Milan, and it's ideal for one day walking tour. From the Milan central station, it takes about one hour by train. It's recommended to leave early morning from Milan and come back in the evening. It will be a good memory to enjoy the "tone" of this charming and mysterious town, which keeps making world-wide famous musical instruments.

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Cremona is located about an hour from Milan by Italian railway FS. It's a town away from the bustle of Milan, and you can enjoy relaxing medieval town sightseeing.