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Rivotorto Sanctuary (Santuario di Rivotorto)

Santuario di Rivotorto in Assisi
Rivotorto from far away. Resist the temptation to cut through the field ....

Santuario di Rivotorto in Assisi
Front facade with an impressive picture.

Santuario di Rivotorto in Assisi
Dim inside of the church. There are small stained glasses here and there.

Santuario di Rivotorto in Assisi
"Hovel" conserved in the church. There is a doll of St. Francis.

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Devout followers from all over the world come to Assisi where many monks and nuns live still now. There are some holy places outside of the center of the town, but it may be difficult to visit every places in a few hours. If you stay and have a time, please visit some of those holy places.

Visiting a holy hovel

A neo-gothic church located 4.5km away from the center of Assisi is one of the holy places related to St. Francis. It's Rivotorto, not very famous for typical tourists. This place is called Tugurio (hovel), where St. Francis and his "Brothers" lived for a while (1209-1211).

After receiving the approval of the constitution of a new communion by Pope in 1209, St. Francis returned from Rome, to Assisi and settled his first basement here. Then in 1211, he was ejected from this place by local farmers and moved in Porziuncola (the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli). This church had been built by several constructions in the mid-15th century and now there are a church and a monastery in this territory. The current fine church was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1854. Inside it's still conserved the original "hovel", that you can see it.

A painting which adorns the facade is one scene of the legend of St. Francis. It's very impressive a red flame shining on the white wall. According to the legend, one night while St. Francis was out, the Brothers were sleeping in the hovel and saw the chariot of fire shining. They felt greatly encouraged by knowing that St. Francis's spirit was always together with them.

Rivotorto means "winding river". As its name, when St. Francis was living here, there was a river in front of the hovel. Now that water has almost dried up but we can see the clear trail of the river still now.

The inside reminds the time of St. Francis

The interior structure of this church is a little bit different because it was built to conserve the "hovel". There are down stairs, please take care of your feet. Inside is dark, and dimly lightened by daylight coming through the stained glass. There is few people and you would feel reverent in the cool and silent atmosphere. The "hovel" is really small and humble. You would ask yourself what was their life was.... There were 12 people living here ...

Other churches in Assisi are great and beautiful but at the same time they seem a little bit arrogant with their aura of power. By contrast, this simple stone cottage may symbolize the poverty spirit of St. Francis and his followers. That would be what should be the clergy and human beings...

Come to visit on foot

Located away from the city town center, it takes 40 minutes by foot to reach there. However, you may enjoy the avenue to Rivotorto finding beautiful trees or a small church etc. Please enjoy the countryside of Umbria, and try to feel like the "Brother" walking on this street.

Walk from downtown

Go out from the east gate of the town, Porta Nuova. Go down to the monastery of St. Damian. Before the monastery there is another road so go down further to a roadway. Go straight into the field (seeing Assisi on your back, you will see Santa Maria degli Angeli church in front of you, right oblique). There is a sign at the end so turn left. You will see the backside of Rivotorto after a short walk. When you reach a very small church, turn right there. Pass through an avenue (via della regola) to arrive.
Please be careful not to miss some signs on the way. It's surrounded by an idyllic landscape. In summer you can see a great sunflower field in full bloom. Sometimes please stop and look behind. You would notice the beauty and different aspects of the town of Assisi.

From Assisi railway station, just continue to go right. (viale G. Carducci → Piazzale Donegani → via D'Annunzio → via S.

Maria Maddalena). When you arrive at an avenue of poplar trees, go straight that way (via Sacro Tugurio).

There are also buses

There are some buses from the square of Mattiotti in the center of Assisi and the railway station, but only weekday. Please check the timetables well if you would like to use them.

Busstop *1           *1   *1  
ASSISI 6:55 7:00 8:15 8:40 10:10 11:40 12:55 13:10 13:40 -
VIOLE 7:01 7:07 8:18 - - - 13:02 - 13:47 -
S.M.A.stazione - - - 8:53 10:23 11:53 - 13:23 - 14:33
RIVOTORTO 7:05 7:16 8:26 8:57 10:27 11:57 13:10 13:27 13:59 14:37
Busstop *1   *2              
ASSISI 14:30 14:40 15:00 16:10 16:30 17:40 18:10 19:10 19:56  
VIOLE 14:33 - 15:03 - 16:37 - - - 20:03  
S.M.A.stazione - 14:53 - 16:23 - 17:53 18:40 19:23 -  
RIVOTORTO 14:44 14:57 15:15 16:27 16:44 17:57 18:42 19:27 20:16  
  • Only Weekday
  • (*1) only from the mid-June until mid September
  • (*2) only From mid-June until mid September
  • For the exact timetable please refer to the APM website ( )
Busstop   *1         *2 *1  
RIVOTORTO 7:16 7:56 8:18 10:27 - 11:57 - 13:10 13:27
S.M.A.Basilica - - 8:22 10:40 - 12:10 - - 13:40
VIOLE 7:28 8:10 - - 10:53 - 13:18 13:23 -
ASSISI 7:35 8:17 9:00 10:59 11:00 12:29 13:25 13:30 13:59
Busstop   *1 *1 *3          
ASSISI 13:31 13:37 14:16 14:55 16:27 16:44 17:57 19:06 19:27
VIOLE - - - 15:00 16:40 - 18:10 - 19:40
S.M.A.stazione 13:37 13:43 14:25 - - 16:58 - 19:15 -
RIVOTORTO 13:40 13:57 14:30 15:29 16:59 17:05 18:29 19:20 19:59
  • Only Weekday
  • (*1) only from the mid-June until mid September
  • (*2) only From mid-June until mid September
  • (*3) Not saturday, change at Santa Maria degli Angeli
  • For the exact timetable please refer to the APM website ( )

Name Rivotorto Sanctuary (Santuario di Rivotorto)
Opening Hours 07:00-12:15 (Sunday and holidays 07:30-12:15)
Phone number +39 075-8065432
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