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Orvieto in Umbria

About Orvieto

Orvieto Umbria
The town of Orvieto is located on a cliff, surrounded by a magnificent panorama.

Orvieto Umbria
Orvieto still keeps a medieval town's atmosphere. The west side of the town is the old area so it's good for sight seeing in particular.

Orvieto is situated in the Umbria region called "Green Heart" in Italy. It's one of the world's most beautiful towns on the hill. Orvieto has an extraordinary distinctive landscape with medieval towers above the rocks of tuff. Its large and beautiful cathedral stands in the center of the cliff.

Even if you reach this town by railway or motorway, this renowned tourist destination surrounded by green vineyards and olive groves can be seen from a distance. You can enjoy a breathtaking beautiful panorama of the town before getting there. It takes only one hour by train from Rome, so it would be a good idea to enjoy day trip on your free time for sightseeing.

The town of Orvieto is surrounded by natural walls of tuff raised on the ground level and gives an unique beautiful scenery. Plus, there are numerous heritages of the ancient Etruscan history, which had flourished in prosperity, those of medieval time and Gothic period.

Orvieto conserves many archaeological sites of ancient Etruscan and Rome period. Graves are one of the most important and famous monuments of Etruscan civilization. The magnificent Duomo is known as a jewel of Gothic architecture.

Those precious elements make Orvieto one of the most unique and interesting town in the world.

Testimonials travelers Orvieto is one of the most beautiful town in the world!
Orvieto is highly known as one of the most beautiful towns in the world. Once this town had flourished as a hidden haven of Popes. Its beautiful streets are still vestiges of a medieval atmosphere. This is my favorite place!! (October 2006)

A calm town surrounded by walls

Towering cliffs of Orvieto (rupe) have separated from the world around this town for centuries. History of the people and ruins have been protected. It was prohibited to construct on the edge of cliff so houses and palaces are situated in the heart all together. In autumn and winter fog appears around these cliffs, and the town looks like a floating rock castle on the clouds. It's an amazing view of "Castle in the Sky".

The population is about 4 million. Now it's prohibited to make a new construction inside the walled old town, new residential area has been set up beneath the hills, called Orvieto Scalo.

The town of Orvieto is located entirely on the hill, so security is very good and it would be safe to walk alone even at night. The soft orange light illuminates the entire town in the evening. You will be able to enjoy a quiet and solemn atmosphere different from daytime.

Beautiful streets of tuff

The intricate streets of Orvieto are full of beautiful buildings of tuff (Tufo). Its natural yellowish color make an intimate atmosphere of the rustic central Italy.
Since many streets still reminiscent of the Middle Ages, you can enjoy taking a walk in peace.