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About Procida

Stage of the film Il Postino

Procida Island is the stage of an Italian great film "Il Postino (postman)".

Starring Massimo Troisi, this film will remain in the hearts of all Italians. Having sufferd from heart disease, this loved Italian actor collapsed during the shooting and just on the next day of crank up passed away at the age of 41. It's said at the last moment of his life he said to staffs: "I'll leave you my best thing".

The movie begins like this. In a small island of the coast of Naples, Chilean poet Pablo Neruda has just arrived. A poor innocent young man Mario (Massimo Troisi) works as a postman and delivers many fan mails from all over the world to Neruda.
They started to feel friendship and Mario awakened the charm of words through poet Pablo. This film descrives a humorous and emotional story about a poor boy learning to know love and to grow up.

After Pablo left the island, Mario records every "beautiful" things on the island. The round ripple, wind between rock wall, breeze on grass, lapping waves...

Before visiting Procida Island, please watch this movie. It is a really beautiful touching film. You will find a yellow house which was a bar of Beatrice, Mario's first love.

Corricella district, southeast of the island, along the coast there are cute pastel-colored houses.

A fisherman at the port. Opportunity to see such a scene would not happen so much in Italy.

Corricella district, plenty of pastel houses

Corricella district is located on the southeast of the island. The beache has a prenty of colorful houses and this scene would be a symbol of Procida Island. Along the beach line of 4 km, you can see pink, sky blue and lemon yellow buildings. It's very pretty. In fact here is one of the most densely populated areas in Europe.

On the other hand, small fishing villages are not changed, as seen in the picturesque scenery. Fishermen go fishing in the morning and come back in the afternoon, like the old time.

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Cala del pozzo vecchio, located north of the island, watched from the shore. One of the best beach.

Beautiful Sea and beach

Procida Island is surrounded by natural beautiful sea and beach. To the north there're sandy beache like Ciracciello, Ciraccio, Cala del pozzo vecchio, and Silurenza east coast, Chiaia south coast are also wonderful. The beach season is from May to October.

Procida Island is less known compared to Ischia so there are fewer tourists. Especially the north coast is also at a distance from the city, so you can spend a leisure time.

Old fashon tricycle taxi. Why don't you try it as a good memory?

Hopping by cyclo

The island is small but it will be quite tiring to walk all over the town. You can take a tricycle taxi, one of the island's attractions. Pleasant breeze blowing from the sea and engine sound of the scooter will take you to nice sightseeing spot.

Turning round the island, taking pictures of beautiful scenery, I am sure that you can enjoy Procida. After that it's also important a delicious seafood dish in a restaurant!

from ITALY
Advice from who lives in Italy

Procida Island in the bay of Naples is one of my favorite islands. Of course its nature and beauty but also its "size", I mean this island is not too large and not too touristic so you can touch simplicity of the southern Italy.

If you have a free time in Naples, please try to trip in Procida. On the island don't forget to visit "Fammivento" restaurant. Transparent blue sea, the beautiful green hills..., I'm sure that you'll be back.