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About the Republic of San Marino

San Marino
From the bus terminal, you can arrive at the Franciscans gate. Here is the entrance of the old town.

San Marino
In the Republic of San Marino, there are three million visitors annually.

San Marino
San Marino from the top of the mountain.
On a sunny day, it's possible to look the distant Adriatic Sea.

San Marino
The postbox of the Republic of San Marino is white. Let's buy stamps of San Marino and try to send a postcard to friends!
(You cannot use those stamps in Italian postbox)

Republic of San Marino fifth smaller country in the world is the world's oldest Republic

Republic of San Marino (Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino) is located between Rimini province in the north of the Emilia-Romagna region and Pesaro-Urbino in Marche region. It's the fifth smallest country in the world with approximately 61 sq km. Population is about only 30,000 people. Republic of San Marino is also the world's oldest Republic. It was founded in the 4th century, by a stone cutter Marinus of Arbe escaping from the Christian persecution by the Roman Empire. He climbed on the Titano mountain, current San Marino to hide himself. Among the long history of 1700 years, San Marino had succeeded to avoid various invasions and kept an independent country. It's considered that's why this country is a fortress town on the mountain of 700 meters above sea level. To demonstrate such reason, the Citadels and all of the historical buildings remain still now. In 2008 the old town of San Marino was added to the UNESCO World Heritage site.

The secret of 3 Million tourists annually?

The gross domestic product (GDP) of the Republic of San Marino is accounted for the tourism industry more than half. Not only the attractive medieval town's atmosphere and existing nice monuments. The Republic of San Marino has many other attractions. For example, its memorial original stamps are notable among the collectors. And its Euro coin! Also San Marino has a right to issue its euro coin but respect to other countries, the amount is much less. If you are lucky, you can get a San Marino coin among the changes after shopping. Another reason is that the tax is zero. In European countries, VAT is normally 20% - 25%. However, in the Republic of San Marino the consumption tax does not exist, so tourists from all over Europe including Italy come here to enjoy shopping, too. Like this, the small independent country San Marino has made prosperous country in their own way.

Prestigious F1 race, San Marino Grand Prix was held

Another well known attraction in the Republic of San Marino is the San Marino Grand Prix. It's the legendary circuit for F1 race fans and is known for the unfortunate accident of a famous racer, Ayrton Senna. Actually the Grand Prix was held in a nearby town Imola. In Italy there is another race circuit in Monza near Milan. There is a limit that one country can hold one Grand Prix,and the San Marino GP was recognized as an exception. However, due to frequent accidents, San Marino GP has not been held any more after 2006. In any case San Marino GP is known as the circuit of numerous games which still remain in the minds of many fans.

Why the judge is foreign person? Some question about San Marino

The Republic of San Marino has approximately 30,000 population. This is as if one town would become one country. Since everyone is acquainted and it's difficult to do a fair judgment, all of judges of the Republic of San Marino are foreigners. In addition, it's famous as a country of longevity. In 2005, life expectancy of men was 80 years old, No.1 in the world! The life expectancy of women was 83 years old, world 2nd rank. The elderly of San Marino is really bright and active. When I asked an old women the secret of longevity, she told me smiley "don't worry, always smile!".

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Vestiges of the medieval Europe remains dark, but a little attraction become. We recommend things to come in so many uphill walking shoes.