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About Genoa

Map of Genoa

Genoa is situated in northern Italy, Liguria region shaped like a rainbow arch. Its population is about 600,000 (including a population of suburb towns 900,000). It's the largest port city in Italy, surrounded by the mountains behind and the sea.

In this area still around the 6th century BC, the human being has been living. Some archaeological sites and materials were discovered. In the Middle Ages the Republic of Genoa (generally present in Liguria region) had a local government. Competing with other marine republics like Amalfi, Pisa, Venice, Genoa had demonstrated its power. Still now the motifs of merchant ships of these four cities are used for the flag of the Italian Navy, and since 1956 one of these cities the antique regatta race is held once a year.

For the glory of the splendid history from the Middle Ages to now, sometimes Genoa is called like "La Superba (the proud city)". Recently it hosted some international events, like G8 Summit in 2001. In 2004 it was chosen as an European Capital of Culture.

Liguria region which Genoa belongs to, while being located in the north, has the influence of Mediterranean climate. In summer it becomes not too much hot, and in winter it's mild. Therefore, this area is often chosen as a holiday resort. Not only tourist but there are many retired people who move to enjoy a leisurely retirement life from all over Europe.

Statua di Cristoforo Colombo
At the entrance of the city, in the Genoa's main station Piazza Principe, a statue of the Columbus welcomes the visitors from other towns and countries.
Genoa's one of the most famous celebrities.
(Behind the statue is a little bit dangerous zone, please take care..)

Columbus, discoverer of America was born in Genoa!

It's generally said that Christopher Columbus (Italian name: Cristoforo Colombo 1451-1506) was born in Genoa. (However, there are several hypothesis.)

In the heart of the city of Genoa, it has left a home where Columbus had spent his childhood. And in front of the oldest station in Genoa, the Genova Piazza Principe station(1860), the statue of Columbus will welcome people arriving in the city. In addition, the air gateway Genoa Airport is named "Christopher Columbus (Italian name: Aeroporto Cristoforo Colombo)". Genoa city has a sister city relationship with the American city, Columbus.

Strade Nuove di Genova
In 2006, UNESCO has registered the area of thee Strade Nuove, one part of the old Town. In the street well-conditioned old buildings are lined with Museums and government offices, and banks and offices.

classic old downtown and uptown area with luxury residences

Talking about the city of Genoa, the old buildings with a breath of the antique atmosphere of the old town is particular. There are many aristocratic mansions with beautiful colored decorations.

Genoa's old town is one of the biggest centers in Europe which conserve old residences. The Strade Nuove (New Streets) and Palazzi dei Rolli area was registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 2006.

The area is slightly off from a hot tourist spot, it can be seen in streets lined with elegant mansions with large gardens and luxury residences. The hotels have a good access being located in the center of the city. In fact, there are many 4 or 5 star hotels here because of the quiet atmosphere. These spacious buildings welcome visitors.

In this area, there are districts like Albaro, Castelletto, Carignano, Nervi and Quinto. In the old city, at first glance, it seems like a wind-swept outer building, but try to step a foot inside one of those buildings, you may be able to see a beautifully decorated interior. The buildings themselves show the character of people and culture of Genoa.

Genoa Porto Antico
Porto Antico (EXPO site) and its symbol Bigo. The Bigo is Genoa dialect but is the name of the ship's cargo cranes. Here this Bigo raises a panoramic lift.

High self-esteem hidden in an unassuming appearance, with a spirit of self-reliance of Genovese

Genoa people have a spirit of independent and a strong pride. Historically they had considered Genoa as an independence city and it is not only themselves to think like that. There is a masterpiece of Latin literature, "Aeneid" (BC 29-19 years) and a representative work of Dante Alighieri "Divine Comedy" (1304-1321) represent like this: "the people of Genoa is a special and behave in a different way (from us)".

Also having a large harbor, the merchants had been active in trade with other areas across the sea from ancient times. Therefore they take care to deal with different people, but once you become a friend, they will offer the most generous kindness. Compared with other local people, they are a little bit shy but at a critical moment their hidden strength comes up.

Bandiera di Repubblica Marinara
Flag of the Republic with the symbol of the four marine cities.
Clockwise from top left, Venice, Genoa, Pisa, and Amalfi. Genoa mark is a red cross on white background.

The two football teams

The city of Genoa has two football teams: Genoa and Sampdoria. Genoa was founded in 1893, one of the oldest football teams in Italy.