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Napoli City

About Naples (Napoli)

As the famous saying "See Naples and die (Vedi Napoli, e poi muori)", Naples is known as a scenic beautiful land. The shining sun, the beautiful sea, warm weather and cheerful people plus delicious food... Naples created the "classic" image of Italy known in the world.

Crime in Naples

Other hand, Naples is known as a crime-infested town. In fact, there are many thieves and pickpockets and also Italians often suffer misdemeanors. Then murder, rape and violent crime happen many times. This is because of their poverty due to high unemployment in southern Italy. And there is another historical reason. Southern Italy had been dominated by several races for more than 2000 years till the unification of Italy. In addittion, Camorra (mafia of Naples) had developed and still now they have a strong grip of this area.

Populous city, Naples

The population of the city of Naples is 100 million people and the total population of Naples county area is 3 million. Overcrowding has become a social problem for many years. Indeed Naples has many skyscrapers and huge apartments. Originally Naples was created by an ancient colony of Greeks in the 6th century BC. The Greek Neapolis (new city) is the etymology of Naples. In the dialect this city is called also Napule.

Baba is a mushroom-shaped sponge cake, soaked in plenty of rum syrup. It's one of the popular sweets in Naples.

City of gastronomy

Neapolitan pizza is one of the most known in Naples. Its chewy pizza dough is differential from pizza of other cities. Before going to Naples, let's start checking good pizza restaurants. A simple pizza with tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese is representative of Naples pizza, called "Pizza Margherita". Don't miss it when you are in Naples. This web site has also recommended local pizzerias popular among the locals, so check them out!

Then, please remember also Dolce and coffee. Babà, Sfogliatella and Pastiera are famous and typical sweets of Naples. You can find many pastry shops over the city. Also Neapolitan coffee is very particular. Its taste is characterized by the unique preparation. Try to take a small plate of pastries with a cup of coffee in a trendy bar.
Delicious dolce shops in Naples
Delicious cafes in Naples