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Hosteria Cambusa

Padua's Restaurant Hosteria Cambusa
Appearance of the store. There is a small mark of the ship.

Padua's Restaurant Hosteria Cambusa
Luigi, the owner. Smiling bearded look. He is a very talkative warm person. The atmosphere of Cambusa represents his personality.

Padua's Restaurant Hosteria Cambusa
Inside. There are many photographs, drawings and ornaments of the ship on the wall.

Padua's Restaurant Hosteria Cambusa
On the wall, there are also posted many photos of celebrities from all around the world. He took these photos when he worked at hotels in Venice. He loves to talk about memories of these photos.

Padua's Restaurant Hosteria Cambusa
Cichetto counter at the end (side dish). It's possible to take as starters or side dishes or instead of main dish. You can ask what you like.

Padua's Restaurant Hosteria Cambusa
Pasta for lunch. Gorgonzola, Amatriciana and Rigatoni with Arrabbiata sources.

Padua's Restaurant Hosteria Cambusa
Octopus salad with celery served out of the counter. Simple and delicious.

Padua's Restaurant Hosteria Cambusa
Salami and ham. Let's taste the local salami, Soppressa.

Taste 3stars The Owner is Mr. Luigi De Gaetano who worked as a bartender at a hotel in Venice for many years. The interior atmosphere shows his friendly personality. You can enjoy delicious meals and drinks slowly. It's full of locals and familiar customers but let's try. Mr. Luigi is really kind and loves talking, so please go to see him!
Mood 4 stars
Price 4 stars
Total 4 stars

Quaint pub style

Even if the name of the restaurant is "Osteria", the owner insists "Bacaro" or "Cichetteria" style. This is an unique style of Venetian area. It's similar to a bar, and you can enjoy stand-and-drink style at a counter chatting with friends. "Cichetto" means snacks that you can pinch. So, when you don't want to have a formal dinner in a restaurant. . . just stop by aimlessly at night.

And the name means...

Cambusa means a food storage of vessels in Italian. The owner Mr. Luigi deeply loves the sea. He had owned four restaurants before this Cambusa and named them something relative to the sea at any time. Before having his own restaurant, he worked as a bartender at bars of great hotels in Venice. Still now he participate to international competitions of bartenders!! His appearance and the atmosphere of the restaurant come from his personality.

Of course you can enjoy meal!

Although it has a bar style, you can enjoy good food, of course. I often see local businessmen taking a lunch quickly. In addition, the owner is very familiar to many visitors, so there are many local politicians who come here almost every day like their home. The contents of menu is very simple and full of home-cooked meals. It's reasonable, too.

Of course also "night"!

Alcohol menu is substantial. Equipped with good quality, affordable wines. Since its closing time is very late, you can enjoy a night time with a glass of wine slowly. It's the beatific way to spend time. What is the best should be "Piatto della casa" or home-made dishes (foods) at the counter. One dish and one drink cost 10 euro, it's really reasonable. Italians don't drink large amounts of alcohol at one time so they enjoy talking for hours with a glass of wine. That's why the bar styles become popular. This set price is valid also for lunch time.

How is "Cichetto (appetizer)"?

The dishes of cichetto are changed depends on the day. Fried seafood, fried olives with stuffed meat, marinated seafood, pickled garlic in olive oil, soaked cheese in olive oil, fresh vegetable quiche, Porpetti (dumpling meat), Mozzarella in Carozza (mozzarella cheese fritter) etc. Make sure which you want to choose, and let's ask an assorted dish what you like. Of course, cheese and salami and cold meats are prepared.

from ITALY
I recommend "Hosteria Cambusa"!

I recommend to come here at night definitely! Personally, I use here also for lunch because it's really reasonable. You can enjoy from local wines to delicious wines made in Italy. Of course, it's possible to order also cocktails.


Name Hosteria Cambusa
Address Via Sant'Andrea, 12, Padova - Italy
How to reach Just inside the old city center of Padua. Turn right into the alley when you see the Piazza Cavour. Turn right at the corner of the bank "Uni Credit".
Phone number 049.656740
Closed Monday
Opening Hours 11.00-15.30, 18.30-25.30
Budget about 25 euros

[Antipasto - 10 euro]
Carpaccio di Manzo, Gamberoni Olio e Lomone , Insalata Caprese, etc

[Primo Piatto - 6 euro]
Pappardelle Piacere, Rigatoni Amatriciana, Gnocchi al Pomodoro, Pasta e Fagioli, Bigoli di Bassano in Salsa

[Sedondo Piatto - 10 euro]
Filetti alla Panna e senape,al Pepe Verde,all'acetto Barsamico (16 euros), Seppie in Umido, Trippa alla Parmigiana, Baccal_ al Vicentina, Baccala' Mantecato

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