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Recommended attractive places in Padua - Squares -

Ragione Palace of PaduaRagione Palace of Padua (Salone). Every day in front of this palace the market is held in the Piazza delle Erbe. This morning market is a base of the lives of citizens.

Most of all Italian towns have Piazza (square) in the center and each important point. Square is a central place for public life.

Also in Padua, there are many large and small squares everywhere. Here I recommend some of these squares.

Prato della Valle

Prato della Valle in PaduaIf you come to Pauda, please visit this square. Go south from the city center, it's located beside the church of Sant'Antonio. Warm days are ideal to relax on the grass.

5 stars
It is a large oval park located south of downtown. Prato = Grass, Valle = Plain, so it means "a large square of grass". Square was completed in the 18th century. The center of the is covered by lawn and surrounded by moats and other layer of lawn around the moats. Central part of the island is designed by the Venetian architect Andrea Memmo so it's called the Island of Memmia (Isola di Memmia). In the past it was regularly held here the Market of cows.

The island itself is 8,862 meters square and whole the square is approximately 20,000 meters square. It's one of the largest squares in Europe. Along the moats 99 statues are placed. They are particularity of the beauty of this square.

In 1931, Mussolini visited the Prato della Valle accompanied by 120,000 people and did the historical speech. Now many people come here to be relaxed throughout the year. Every Saturday, many street stalls of clothes, accessories and flowers are opened around the square. On the third Sunday of each month it's held a big market of Antique goods. Since autumn of 2007, also a market of fruits and vegetables is held every morning.

In addition a variety of events is often held in this square.

Mercatino dell'antiquariato (antique market in Padua)
Date: third Sunday of each month
Location: Prato della Valle
To see the information about Mercato list, flea markets and antique markets in Italy

Erbe Square and Frutta square (Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza della Frutta)

Piazza delle Erbe in PaduaPiazza delle Erbe is like a public restaurant. It's possible to get souvenirs but please be careful out your wallet.

5 stars
Across the Ragione Palace there are two squares north and south. In the Erbe (vegetables) square a market of fruits and vegetables is held every morning except Sunday. In the Frutta (fruit) square they sell clothes and accessories. Just to see colorful seasonal vegetables and fruits is very fun. You can buy all foods by weight.


Under the arcade of the Ragione Palace between these two squares become filled with many shops. You can purchase all kinds of food like bread, fish, meat, cheese and sweets. It's really lively place with delicious food.

Piazza degli Signori

Piazza degli Signori in PaduaNow it's a city Hall. Former Government House of the Republic of Venice.

Piazza degli Signori in PaduaThe lion with wings represents St. Mark, symbol of Venice.

5 stars
Also here a market of clothes and accessories is held in the morning like in the Erbe square and the Frutta square.

The landmark of this square is a clock tower and a marble pillar. This pillar is of the 1500s and on the top there is a statue of a lion as a symbol of the Republic of Venice.

The clock tower is also very beautiful. It's considered the first Italian clock tower. Built in 1437. Behind the clock tower, there is another square Palazzo del Capitanio. It means "the former Government House". It was also built in the 1500s and now it's used as a City Hall.

In the evening many tables are set out facing the Piazza and it will be filled with people talking and drinking spirits till night.

Duomo Square (Piazza del Duomo)

Piazza del Duomo in PaduaPiazza del Duomo, recreation area of local people who gather in the evening.

4 stars
As its name represents, the Duomo is located in the square. Here is close to other squares, however there are less stalls so it's always calm. In summer many tables are facing the Piazza and you can enjoy relaxing. Compared to other bars in the Piazza, maybe there are more young people here.