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Recommended attractions in Padua : Palaces and buildings

University of PaduaInside of University of Padua (Bo palace). The University is very historic, unbelievably gorgeous.

The center of the city is called "Centro Storico" in Italian. Here is a historic district where there are many old buildings and they are still used as city halls or civil museums. They are also open to locals and tourists. Here you can see information about typical buildings and palaces in Padua!

Palazzo della Ragione

Palazzo della Ragione in Padua
Ragione means Courts in Italian. In the old days it had been used as the courts and now is the market. Interesting.

Palazzo della Ragione in PaduaThe spectacular frescoes by Giotto.

5 stars
It's located at the center of city. Typically it's also called Salone. The construction of this building began in 1218 and completed in 1306, used as a court.

At the wide inside it can be seen the original frescoes of Giotto in 1420 on the murals. This fresco shows astrology.
There is a copy of great horse by Donatello.

The arcade of the ground floor is known as "Sotto Salone (Salon below)". Under the arcade there are various food shops of meat, fish, cheese, ham and sweets. Ragione Palace is sandwiched between the two squares (Piazza Frutta and Piazza Elbe). In these squares a big market is held every day. From vegetables or fruits stands to the clothing and accessories. It is a vibrant place to visit so many people shopping every morning.

Opening hours: 9:00 to 18:00
Price: 4 euros (at conference events)
Padua card valid

University of Padua (Universita' di Padova = Palazzo del Bo)

University of Padua
Italy's second oldest university (University of Bologna is the oldest). The gate which Copernicus and Galileo passed through has a dignity.

University of Padua
Near the university you may see young people celebrate graduation. Let's take a commemorative photo.

5 stars
Talking about Padua, the University of Padua is essential.

It has a long history since 1222. The nickname "Bo" comes originally from the old butcher located in this place a long time ago. "Bue (cattle)" → "Bo".

Its anatomy school (Teatro Anatomico) must be a highlight and the large lecture decorated with frescoes (Aura Magna) is also very famous. You can see them signing up for guided tours.

In the 1500s also Galileo had taught here. Elena Lucrezia Cornaro, known as the world's first female college graduates, graduated from the University of Padua in 1678. This university is really global spot.

To graduate from universities in Italy (take a degree) is a great honor (= Is difficult). Degree students organize a big celebration happily with their friends, colleagues and with their families. Dressed in costume as their own way in the ticker tape, they shout "Dottore! Dottore! ... and receive a big big blessing. When you walk past the University of Padua, it's possible to encounter such a sight. It's amusing to see.

Phone: 049.827.5111
(guide and check the time of guide tour, it's difference each day.)

Carraresi Castle (Castello di Carraresi)

Carraresi Castle
Carraresi Castle

4 stars
It's located in the southeastern part of city center. It was a home palace of Carraresi Family from 1200 to late 1400, before the Republic of Venice ruled the territory of Padua. It was built in 1237.

Padua was a city surrounded by ancient walls (Città Murata), and the walls built in the 1300s were made around this castle. (Later, during the Venetian Republic they built the other walls outside to expand their territories. Padua was surrounded by double wall structures.)

At that time the castle should be the highest building around there. In the 1500s, Galileo Galilei fixed the observatory tower on the top of the castle, and studied hard for his own research. In 1761 the astronomy faculty of the University of Padua was set here and there are many students learning in this area today.

Since 1994, the astronomy museum (Museo della Specola) is opened.

Museum "La Specola"
Opening hours:
(October to April) 11:00 to 16:00
(March to September) 11:00 to 18:00
(Sunday) 11:00 to 16:00
Closed on Mondays Phone: 049.8759840
Price: 7 euros