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Caffe' Pedrocchi

caffe pedrocchiNorth entrance of buildings. A lion statue at the entrance is a sign. The photo on the left is the University of Padua (Palazzo del Bo). You might run into an annual event to celebrate graduation with friends and singing in a loud voice.

caffe pedrocchiLook of the inside. From the north, there are three rooms of Verde, Rossi, Bianca. Photo is Rossi, as you see the red chairs. You can only eat lunch in this part.

caffe pedrocchiCafe Pedrocchi. Mint cream is slightly sweet and fine foam to espresso. I feel like drinking a bitter chocolate mint.

caffe pedrocchiPlate of a lot of snacks for alcoholic beverages. Please enjoy a small glass of wine in the evening... Photo is sparkling wine of Veneto, Prosecco.

caffe pedrocchiZabaione sweet. Italian Dolce is famous for its "sweetness" but, it was really sweet here! Amazing Zabaione.

caffe pedrocchiAnother drink loved by writer Stendhal, "Ciocolata Calda (Hot Chocolate)". Dense Chocolate is poured into the pot with whipped cream. Surprised at its richness and aroma of chocolate!

caffe pedrocchiAnother classic dolce, Tiramisu. It's beautifully served in a glass. It's very popular desert in Italy but this one has very soft and firm cream. Dolce is high level.

caffe pedrocchiCafe flavored Tagliolini. Particular presentation.

caffe pedrocchiOne of the main dishes. Baked mash potato accompanied by a poached egg with grated mullet bottarga and coffee powder. When you eat, mix all together. Unique dish of this cafe.

caffe pedrocchiRoom upstairs. There are several rooms, like Ercolana, Egizia, Etrusca, and Rossini. Rossini room is often used for weddings or parties and concerts.
Founded in 1831, it is the oldest cafe in Padua. Its appearance reminds you the reminiscent of the Venetian Republic era. Inside is also luxurious of course. It could be said the whole building of this cafe would be a museum. It's slightly more expensive than other bars in town to have a cup of espresso, but it worth to visit. Cappuccino foam is also fine, good cafes. Prosecco (sparkling wine of Venetian region) with a lot of snacks is good for aperitif.

Its history goes back to ... it's the historic orthodox Cafe

Founded 1831. This building was built by architect Antonio Pedrocchi and architect Giuseppe Jappelli from Venice. Most of all exterior and interior are original of that time, still now. The first floor is divided into three halls and each hall has chairs of different colors (Italian Tricolors): Bianca (white), Rossa (red), Verde (green). Banco (bar) is situated at the middle, and you can see a stand for drinking style. The second floor lead from stairs beside is called Piano Nobile. It reminds a beautiful reminiscent room of the Renaissance period. And a part of the second floor of Risorgimento (unification of modern Italy national independence; 1820-1870) has also a historical museum of Padua.

Extensive variety of cafe and drinks

At the elegant table, it would be difficult to choose what you would like to take from extensive menu. Naturally normal Espresso, Cappuccino, Cafe with its name Pedrocchi (espresso decorated with a mint flavored frothy cream) is also recommended. This espresso won the best prize in the competitions of the world cafe menu. Cafe Marocchino (three layers of espresso, hot chocolate, and creamy foam) is very beautiful and tasty. In addition, here you can taste many kinds of coffee cocktails. Frangelico (Hazelnuts based liqueur), Caffe' Stendhal (chocolate and whipped cream),Caffe' Veneziana (brandy, Amaretto, whipped cream) seems popular. Please try also fine thick foam of Chocolate drink (Delicious!), Fruit and vegetable drinks, tea etc ... For aperitif, very popular cocktail Spirtz (Spirit). It is a mix of Prosecco with Campari or Aperol. There are many lovely drinks worth.

You can lunch!!

Not known but surprisingly, Pedrocchi has also lunch menu. Even among the locals there are many people who didn't know that. Finished dishes are sophisticated and delight to the eye. Among the best dishes, it's recommended homemade Tagliolini of coffee flavor with sauce of shrimps. Aroma of coffee works well with the sauce. Baked lasagne is not something familiar style. It's a layer of boiled pasta and seasonal sliced grilled vegetables with butter sauce. In winter you can taste radicchio and carciofi. In summer, eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes etc. The menu changes every season. Neat feeling to see a presentation. You can choose also from a la carte menu, but fix menu is recommended. It's possible to select each plate from Antipasto (starter), from Primo (pasta), from Second (main dish) with 3/4 liters of wine and water, and it costs only 28 euros. There are four varieties from the a la carte menu.

Italian Dolce, Zabaione

Zabaione Stendhal. Its name was taken from a French novelist Stendhal. In 1838, he stopped by to Padua during his wandering in Italy and tasted a very impressed Zabaione here. The legend says he wrote down that episode on his own memoirs. It's a desert of whipped cream foam of egg yolks, sugar, Venetian DOC wine (Colli Euganei), Fiori di Arancia (orange blossom essence) and Marsala sweet wine. Tepid temperature nor hot nor cold and sweet-rich cream. The biscuits are served so dip them, bon appétit! Delicious!

Every Saturday Pedrocchi small tour is held

Every day Piano Nobile upstairs and museums can be visited in each room, at 5 euros. However I recommend you to join a small guided our on Saturday afternoon. You can visit Pedrocchi cafe → Piano Nobile → the old city center → return to the cafe and taste of "Caffe' Pedrocchi". 15:00 - 16:30 at 10 euros person. For booking or +81.049.878.1231. Of course, you can visit Pedrocchi directly.

Name Caffe' Pedrocchi
Address Via VIII Febbraio 15, Padova ITALY
How to reach

Lead straight from the station to the south, "Corso del Popolo," walk towards the center.
In the traffic-free center, pass the department store Rinascente on your left and soon.

Phone number TEL 049.878.1231 / FAX 049.876.4674
Closed never close
Opening Hours 9.00-24.00

Espresso (2.5 euros), Cappuccino (3.5 euros), Cafe' Pedorocchi (4 euros), Caffe' Shakerato (5 euros), caffe' Marocchino (3.5 euros), Cioccolata calda (5 euros), Cocktallis al Caffe' (5-8 euros), etc.

[Other Drinks]
Glass wine (5 euros), Bottle Wine (16 euros), Aperitif (4.5-7 euros), Cocktail (8 euros), etc.

Le Lumache al Prezzemoro (9.5 euros), Gli Gnocchi di patate al Radicchio Tardivo (13 euros), La Tagliatelle al Caffe' con La Salsa di Gamberoni (14.5 euros), Le Lasagnette ai Carciofi (13 euros), La Schiacciatina di Patate Fume' con l'uovo in Camicia e la Bottarga di Tonno (15 euros), Il Baccala' in Tegame (14.5 euros), etc.

from ITALY
Advice from who lives in Padua

It is charming and elegant atmosphere. If you have a time to have a break, I recommend definitely Pedrocchi!!