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For the Vatican Museums (Musei Vaticani)

Galleria delle Carte geografiche
Don't miss this spot in the Vatican Museums, "Geographic Map Room (Galleria delle Carte geografiche)". Sequences of maps of the world on the wall are very impressive.

Vatican museums (Musei Vaticani) including the Vatican Palace are the largest museum of world history.

The Vatican Pace has been used as a residence of the pope since the 14th century, when the pope had come back from Avignon in France. Now, most parts of this building are museums. In fact there are not only private rooms of Pope and offices of Vatican city but also 20 museums, art galleries and libraries inside. They conserve the ancient (Greek and Roman) sculptures, Egyptian arts, Etruscan arts, including contemporary Christian art... full of valuable works of art at various times. It's often said that it would take a week visiting carefully. This is no exaggeration, it would really take more than 7 days. Even if you visit these museums at a brisk pace, it takes two or three hours to get to the exit.

In addition to the museums, you can visit Sistine Chapel known for paintings of Michelangelo, the Vatican Library and the Holy buildings (Borgia family's room, Nicholas V's Chapel and Rafael's room etc). Here is the headquarter of Catholic but as well as Christian art, you can admire pagan arts such as ancient Greece.

Testimonials travelers
Let's visit the Vatican Museums and relax!

The world's largest Vatican Museums are really huge...The world class great masterpieces are lined countless. Since you can take a break at the intimate courtyard, it would be a good idea to spend a whole day for Vatican Museums visit. There a sunny day is recommended. (April 2007)

Name Vatican Museums (Palazzi e Musei Vaticani)
Address Viale Vaticano
Tel. 06-69883332
Closed Opening Hours Please refer to the Calendar page
price 15 euros (8 euros student discount)
* For the student discount, show your student ID card at the special ticket counter (right side, it's clearly written).
How to Book Admission is also possible to book on the official web site since 2009.
Please refer to the Calendar page
Audio Guide A transceiver audio guide is possible to rental for a fee
How to reach Get off at the metro station "Cipro - Musei" or "Ottaviano".
The queues for the museums entrance is expanding to east along the wall from the entrance of the museum. Therefore it's closer to get off at the east Ottaviano station. 10 minutes walk from the station.
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