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Let's eat delicious gelato in Rome!

Gelato in Rome

One of the most interesting things to go to Italy would be gelato, after all. Even if you check good restaurants, it might happen to forget to check "delicious ice cream shops". Delicious ice cream can heal your fatigue of travel, and the trip becomes more fun.

Gelato shops picked up here are only well-established gelaterias in Rome. Let's eat a delicious gelato and make your nice trip more tasty and enjoyable!

Travel Rome Rome has a lot of gelato shops, but many of them become tourist shops with low quality. Be careful and let's enjoy "authentic Italian gelato"!

Giolitti 5 stars

Gelateria Giolitti Roma

Giolitti gelato shop is the antique "veteran" shop from 1900, Rome's oldest one. It's also one of the most famous gelaterias. In 1930 it was moved to the actual location and the current owner is the fourth generation. In front of the shop, it's very busy all the time. Therefore you can find this shop very easily! Without flinching at the entrance, please enjoy the taste of the best Italian gelato.

They offer more than 60 different flavors of gelato. Just watching the show window makes you very excited! In addition, they have a restaurant area. You can taste some desserts like parfait at table seats. A cheerful waiter will bring you a parfait more than 20 cm in height.
During lunch, in the Tavolacalda area it's possible to enjoy light meals like pasta dishes.

Name Giolitti Roma
Address Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40, 00186 Roma Italy
How to reach 3 minutes walk north from the Pantheon, 3 minutes walk west from Piazza Colonnade
Tel. +39 06.6991243
FAX +39 06.69941758
Closed None
Opening Hours 7:00AM - 2.00AM
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DELLA PALMA 4.5 stars

gelateria della palma

Here is also one of the most famous ice cream shops near the Pantheon. Since here is "younger" than Flitting, it would be easy to order legato with less queue. However, during the tourist season here is also become full. Let's visit it outside of main tourist hours. Since the interior is very bright like a department store, you can feel exciting just at the entrance. Carefully watching the show windows of countless flavors of legatos, you'll be happy to choose your favorites peacefully.

This shop is recommended to those who would like to choose slowly and enjoy a delicious gelato in a quiet mood.

Store name DELLA PALMA
Address Via della Maddalena, 19, 00186 Rome, Italy
How to get there 3 minutes walk north from the Pantheon, 3 minutes walk west from Piazza Colonna
Tel. +39 0668806752
Closed Sunday
Opening Hours 8:00AM - 1.30AM
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Caffetteria Barcaccia 4stars

Caffetteria Barcaccia

This bar faces the Spanish Steps so it's the perfect location for sightseeing! To eat Dolce or gelato overlooking the Piazza di Spagna is very pleasant. Its name Barcaccia came from the fountain in the center of the Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Square). Due to the location, it's constantly busy... but it's worth eating their homemade Dolce and gelato. Since they offer some light meals such as salads and pastas, it would be an ideal cafe for break.

Cappuccino: € 3.40, iced tea: 3.90 euros, light meal: 6.50 euros, Sandwich: € 5.90

Store name Caffetteria Barcaccia
Address Piazza di Spagna, 71, 00187 Rome, Italy
How to get there In front of Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Square)
Phone number +39 06.6797497
Closed None
Opening Hours April - September: 7.00AM - 1.00AM
October - March: 7:00AM - 10:00PM
Seats 40 seats
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