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Opera at Caracalla Bath (Terme di Caracalla)

Terme di Caracalla
A view of the audience in front of the concert stage. The starting time is 21:00, but it's still light like this. It's getting darker from now, in summer in Rome. Almost people come gradually about 15 minutes before the start time. It's Italian's slow pace!

Terme di Caracalla
Just before the start. The orchestra under the stage starts to prepare. The stage has a huge set of mysterious ancient Egypt. It's indistinguishable from the real ruins of the Baths of Caracalla.

Terme di Caracalla
Normally there are three or four acts. During each break, it's possible to take a picture near the stage or to go to the bar on site to buy drinks.

Terme di Caracalla
Orchestra pit in the interval. One of the highlights of the opera theater is also its live music performance.

Terme di Caracalla
The climactic scene. The stage becomes full of singers dressed in gorgeous attires and singing in a loud voice. For those who study costume, it would be a good occasion to see their real stage costume.

Terme di Caracalla
The ruins of the Baths of Caracalla, a famous Open Opera venue. The lighting is fantastic. Passing through here on your way out after the Opera, you would be able to get another beautiful memory in Rome.

Recommend: 5 stars

Talking about the summer tradition in Rome, the open opera at the Baths of Caracalla would be one of them. It's an archeological site located near the Colosseum and Circus Maximus. Practically, a big stage is prepared in the ruins of an ancient Roman bathhouse. This open opera boasts the excellent blend of beautiful lightings, stage set, modern technique and great history. Due to the largeness of the whole ruins, the stage might seem small but it's really impressive.

In summer, Italians become active when it becomes dark

The night of Italian summer starts very late. It's getting dark very slowly. Then the activities of people at night continue almost eternally... The sunset is around 8 o'clock in the evening. Then, the sky is getting slightly darker and loosing brightness gradually until about 9 pm. Finally cool breezes start and from that time, you can feel cool air. And now the Italians are starting to enjoy summer evenings.

What's the Open Opera?

Open Opera means literally an opera which is performed outdoors under the sky. There are operas and ballets. Since it's an outdoor stage, the dress code is relatively casual. For opera beginners, it would be easy to try. The purpose of the open opera is that people can come to see opera much more relaxingly and the art of opera will become popular among everyone from kids to adults.

Only July and August, when the Opera theater of Rome is closed

Talking about Rome's famous Opera House, it would be Opera Theater. But during July and August it's closed. Instead, a kind of "Opera Festival" is held in this season. For the Open Opera, a big stage appears at the ancient Baths of Caracalla ruins. It's a nice entertainment of the summer night.

Unexpectedly a night wind is cold

In summer in Rome, the sun is shining very hard during the day. However, since humidity is low, under the shadows it's relatively cool. And in the evening, cool breeze starts to blows unexpectedly. The highlight of the Open Opera is to appreciate the opera of love story located at the ancient ruins with a mysterious night atmosphere. Watching the opera in the windy air, you can enjoy a sense of oneness with the theater. However, the performance lasts over three hours. It will finish around midnight. If you would like to wear an elegant sleeveless dress, it would be recommended to bring a shawl or a cardigan. Also for men it would be better to bring a jacket.

Once you decide the performance, it's recommended to read its plot in advance

Once you decide the performance, it's recommended to read its plot in advance! For many famous operas like Tosca, Carmen etc. there are various translated books, so it's recommended to understand the story. If you go to see the ballet, since there are really few words so it becomes impossible to understand the story without preparation. Instead, with a good preparation you would be able to enjoy not only the story but also lyrics and the splendor of the dancer's expression.

Name Baths of Caracalla (Terme di Caracalla)
Address Via delle Terme di Caracalla 52, Rome, Italy
How to reach Get off at the Circo Massimo metro station (line B). 5 minutes walk.
Phone number +39 06 48160255
+39 06 4817003 (Teatro dell’Opera di Roma)
FAX +39 06 4881755 (Teatro dell’Opera di Roma)
Ticket fee Poltronissime : 110 euros
Settore A : 70 euros
Settore B : 50 euros
Settore C : 25 euros
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