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Excellent Tiramisu' in Rome! POMPI, the kingdom of Tiramisu'

Tiramisu Pompi
Outside of the shop. It's not enough noticeable for its fame. Please remember this look well not to pass away.

Tiramisu Pompi
Tiramisu' stock in a big platter. It's possible to take away also in this size.
In addition to the standard flavor, you may be able to find a seasonal taste!

Tiramisu Pompi
Space near the entrance has counter seats.

Tiramisu Pompi
Standard Tiramisu

Tiramisu Pompi
Strawberry Tiramisu'. Both are served with both water and each costs 3.5 euros. It is very delicious.

Tiramisu Pompi
Table space inside the shop becomes lighted up every evening. The blue lights attract students back from school, and a DJ offers an exciting atmosphere.

Tiramisu Pompi
Many students love the Aperi Time service. A set of snack buffet and drinks. It's also provided at the table seats.

Recommend 5 stars

One of the most popular Italian desserts would be "Tiramisu'". The etymology of this dessert "Tirami su'!" means "to cheer me!". Please try this authentic Tiramisu' after walking through the town of Rome all day. Tiramisu' with fresh Mascarpone cheese offers you the most delicious taste that you might have never tasted before!

Here we introduce the well-established shop of Tiramisu' dessert in Rome, "POMPI". Let's go to eat it during your stay in Rome, don't forget! It costs only 3.5 euros, really reasonable!

Italian classic Dolce

Talking about the Italian desserts, Tiramisu' would be one of the tops! Tiramisu' means "Lift me up (cheer me) !" This name has a message of who enjoy this dessert thinking like this; "since it's so delicious I'm sure that you can make me healthy!!!". Everyone should wish to eat a delicious authentic Tiramisu' by all means during the Italian traveling. However it's often difficult to know which shop is the most delicious... Don't worry, here is introduced the most famous Tiramisu' shop in Rome.

Recommended shop Pompi

Pompi was founded in 1962 by Mr. Giuliano Pompi. Originally, they were offering only a simple breakfast. In order to meet the requests of customers they started also lunch menu (Tuesday - Saturday, 12:30 - 15:30) with desserts. Now they provide also the APERITIME, a buffet service from 18.30. This shop became very popular among local people of a wide range of ages.

Anyway, if you don't like a bitter taste of coffee, don't miss this Tiramisu'shop.  Alongside the classic coffee taste, they offer other types of Tiramisu' like strawberry etc. You can choose a new taste from their showcase.

It's also possible to take away. Most bars in Italy ask you to do payment at first and to order showing receipts to Baristas. However, here you can be seated and make your order at first. Then when your plate is delivered, you can pay at the table directly.

Tiramisu' experience at Pompi

When I visited with my boyfriend in the evening (around 19.00), the APERITIME had begun. During this exclusive cocktail buffet time, a young DJ was playing exciting musics for young people. If you prefer to enjoy a delicious Tiramisu' quietly and slowly in the natural day light, it's recommended to visit in the morning.

My boyfriend ordered a regular Tiramisu' of coffee flavor and I tried a strawberry one. Both were really good. Coffee Tiramisu' was very classic and all tastes of coffee, egg, rum and sugar were keeping a good balance. Their harmony was just right and its smooth and soft touch was so great. Strawberry Tiramisu' had a cute look. It was decorated with lots of sour strawberries, and this sour taste created an unique harmony with cream. We could have a happy moment, which was very affordable. For two Tiramisu' cost 7 euros with two glasses of water.

Easy access

This shop offers also excellent transport access to a transport. It takes only 3 minutes by foot from the metro station Re di Roma (A line). Please come to enjoy a delicious Tiramisu' with a high reputation not only in Rome, but also all through Italy!

Name Bar Gelateria POMPI
How to reach Get off at the metro station "Re di Roma". From the square Via Albalonga street is going to south on your left side. It's two minutes walk from the metro station.
Address Via Albalonga 7B/9/11-00183 Rome, Italy
Tel. +39 06 7000418
Closed Monday
Opening Hours 6:30-1:30AM (25:30)
Site (Sound is emitted)

Tiramisù classico (Standard Tiramisu, taste cafe) , Tiramisu' alla Fragola (Strawberry Tiramisu) , Tiramisu' banana e nutella (Banana and chocolate tiramisu)
Both 3.5 euros, with Natural water

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