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Discount Ticket of Roman Transportation: ATAC 1 day pass

1 day ticket BIC of ATAC
Convenient discount ticket of ATAC. This ticket shown here is 1 day BIC.

Rome's main transportations are tram, metros and buses. All of them are administered by ATAC company. One ticket costs 1 euro and you can use unlimitedly those transportations within 75 minutes, after the ticket has been stamped. However, for metros you can use only one time. When you enjoy sightseeing in Rome, you'll ride metros and buses many times. There are also other types of discount tickets, in addition to this single ticket: 1 day ticket (4 euros), three days ticket (11 euros), 7 days ticket (16 euros). Please choose well depending on your needs.
1 Day Pass is valid until midnight of the stamping day. 3 days pass is valid until midnight of the third day from the stamping day. 7 days pass is valid until midnight of the seventh day from the stamping day.

These special tickets can be purchased normally at the most of stations and tobacconists (Tabacchi).

  • BIT
    75 minutes ticket - 75 minutes from the stamping time, 1 euros
  • BIC
    1 day ticket - valid until midnight of the stamping day, 4 euros
  • BTI
    3 days pass - valid until midnight of the third day from the stamping day, 11 euros
  • CIS
    7 days pass - valid until midnight of the seventh day from the stamping day, 16 euros

The above tickets are available for all listed below.

  • ATAC buses
  • Cotral coach (inside Rome city)
  • Cotral train (a particular section of Rome)
  • Metro line A, B
  • National Rail FS 2 class (inside Rome city)

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You can find the transportation routes in Rome

ATAC website ( offers you a search service of transportation in Rome. Please insert the departure and destination, you can see detailed route with a map. It's possible to know how many minutes it takes by walk and ride. Rome's buses have particularly difficult routes so it's very useful to examine it in advance.

from Rome staff of AMOITALY