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Trattoria Ca' D'Oro "Alla Vedova"

Trattoria Alla Vedova
The restaurant is located in the path extending from the main street Strada Nova from the train station.
As its name "Ca' D'Oro", the nearest vaporetto stop is "Ca' D'Oro". Go straight down from the stop to the entrance. It's very easy to find.

Trattoria Alla Vedova
Well-chilled white wine! Drinking this local wine, to eat snacks (Cichetti) is a classic style of Bacaro (Venetian wine bar).
Be careful not to eat too much.

Trattoria Alla Vedova
This is inside, moderately wide. It becomes crowded soon in high season. Please try the lunchtime in low season!

Trattoria Alla Vedova
"Piatto misto di pesce (seafood appetizer platter)" is a dish I want you to try all means. It's suitable with the preeminent white wine.

Trattoria Alla Vedova
Specialty pasta in Venice "Bigoli in Salsa". Thick spaghetti Bigoli is solid and chewy. Simple sauce of onions and anchovies is very nice.

Trattoria Alla Vedova
"Spaghetti alla busera (Spaghetti with spicy shrimp scampi)". Alla Vedova's specialty. The sour taste of fresh tomatoes is addictive.

Trattoria Alla Vedova
Venetian classic "Nero di seppia (squid ink)" is sticky and delicate. This noodle Bavette (oval spaghetti) is pleasant to the palate. Outstanding taste!

Trattoria Alla Vedova
Soft "Octopus stewed in tomato sauce" accompanied by polenta.

Trattoria Alla Vedova
"Beef liver Venetian style". The appearance is just regular but it's excellent delicious. It's worth to eat!!!

Taste 4.5 stars Here "Alla Vedova" is one of the most famous Trattorias and Bacaros in Venice. Their undisputed taste, good atmosphere and reasonable prices are very satisfying. It's always crowded, and there is a long line of people waiting for seats. For dinner reservations are absolutely necessary.
The trattoria has a very good service basically, but sometime their service would not be enough during overcrowded hours. If you want to eat a leisure dinner calmly, "Do Spade" is recommended.
But here Cichetti (snacks) are very delicious so it would be nice also to drink standing.
Mood 40stars
Price 45 stars
Total 4.5 stars

Talking about Bacaro in Venice, this "Alla Vedova" is the best!

Venice, the town of water is a unique place in the world. Transportation of the town is only by boats and there is no car running. The Canal Grande, the splendid palaces of Venetian architecture, trails called Calle and canals, tunnels called sottoportego... a fantastic labyrinth-like town.
Such a unique Venetian culture influenced also their cuisine. Bacaro is a local wine bar where the locals relax and enjoy eating snacks called Cichetti. They are looking forward to chatting with friends at night. The most famous one of the many Venetian Bacaros is here "Trattoria Ca' D'Oro "Alla Vedova".

It’s a Bacaro (standing bar) but it's possible to eat at table.

The basic style of a Bacaro is drinking wine with Cichetti (snacks) standing. But like many Bacaros here "Alla Vedova" has lots of seating as well, so you can eat at table like a normal restaurant. The price is also affordable. Please try a Bacaro tour if you go to Venice.

Reservations are required for dinner. For lunch, let's try to visit earlier or later!

This "Alla Vedova" is always very crowded. That would be its only defect. For dinner it's impossible to enter without reservations. Also for lunch it's better to make a reservation, or you can go earlier or around 14.00 (opening or closing time). Every time, in front of the restaurant full of customers are waiting for seats. While waiting, let's enjoy aperitif. Order local white wine with Cichetti and wait patiently.
Even if you make a reservation, the capacity is same so it's not suitable for those who want to eat slowly and quietly...

Inside is a typical Italian Trattoria!

The official name of this restaurant is "Trattoria Ca' D'Oro". It's located just in two minutes by walk from the Vaporetto stop "Ca' D'Oro". And "Alla Vedova" means "widow". That's because since the death of the father of current owner and his mother became a widow, local regulars started to call here "a trattoria of a widow"...
On the wall many pictures, photographs and even copper pots are hung from the ceiling. They are very pretty! You can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. Simple wooden tables and chairs are pleasant and instead of the tablecloths, paper cloths are used. It's like a popular dining room. I feel this style is also nice.

It's popular because of delicious dishes!

Why the locals love this trattoria so much? Because it's simply "delicious". "The seafood appetizer platter" is simple but prepared with fine care. Many plates of this restaurant are a little bit smaller than other places. In Italy it's normal to share a plate of appetizers (generally very big). Here there are 2 sizes. "Small plate" of 9 euros wouldn't enough to divide in two people... so let's order "Large (18 euros)".

Bigoli, Spaghetti with squid ink sauce, Scampi...

Also the pasta dishes are excellent!!! I frequented every day and tried three types of pasta. All were tasty. First, a traditional Venetian cuisine "Bigoli in Salsa". That is thick spaghetti in a simple source of onion and anchovy sauce. It's a rustic dish of traditional taste.
Talking about Venetian spaghetti, everyone would like to try "Spaghetti with squid ink sauce (Bavette al nero di seppia)". It's also exceptional. The noodles boiled al dente are suitable to smooth tasty sauce of squid ink. It's aromatic and satisfying.
"Spaghetti with scampi (Spaghetti alla busera)" has an exquisite harmony of fresh tomato sauce with hot pepper and scampi. In the mouth the sweetness of shrimps will spread.

Superb "Venetian Liver"!

For main dishes, there are lined many traditional Venetian cooking. All dishes are served with delicious polenta (boiled corn flour). "Mix fried fish (Frittura mista di pesce)" is a plate of delicious crispy flitters. "Octopus cooked in tomato sauce (Polpetti in umido)" is very soft. And the most delicious main dish would be "Venetian Liver (Fegato alla veneziana)". In Venice, you would like to eat fish, but please try at least once. Beef liver saute'-fried with onion make a unique taste!

For Dolce and coffee, let's go to another bar

Unfortunately, Alla Vedova doesn't have Dolce and coffee. If you'd like to refresh your mouth, please go to a bar nearby.

Lunch (one male, one female, 60 euros in total)

  • Charge: 1.5 euros × 2
  • 1 liter of house white wine: probably about 10 euros
  • Water: about 1 euro
  • Piatto misto di pesce (seafood appetizer platter) Large: 18 euros
  • Spaghetti alla busera (Spaghetti with spicy shrimp scampi): 9 euros
  • Bavette al nero di seppia (linguine with squid ink): 9 euros
  • Fegato alla veneziana (beef liver Venetian style, served with polenta): 9.5 euros
from ITALY
I recommend "Alla Vedova"!

To explain the deliciousness of this "Alla Vedova" please read this story. At that time, I was staying for four nights in Venice to find delicious restaurants. You know, I came back to have a lunch here actually three times!! And the only one time that I couldn't have a lunch was their holiday (Thursday). In the end, I frequented here every day without getting tired. My first impression didn't change until the end. "How delicious!"
Except for crowded situation, it's one of the best restaurants in Venice.


MENU (March 2009)
Coperto Table charge 1.5 euros per person
Piatto misto di pesce small-9 euros large-18 euros, Piatto misto di verdure small5 euros large10 euros, Polpettine di carne 1.5 euros
Primi piatti
Spaghetti alla busera 9 euros, Spaghetti alle vongole 9 euros, Bavette al nero di seppia 9 euros, Piatto del giorno di pesce 9 euros, Piatto del giorno di carne 9 euros, Lasagne del giorno di verdure 8 euros
Secondi Piatti
Mein dishes
Frittura mista di pesce 11 euros, Seppie in nero 9.5 euros, Folpetti in umido 9.5 euros, Fegato alla veneziana 9.5 euros, Schie 9.5 euros
Biscotti con vino dolce 4 euros

Name TATTORIA CA' D'ORO "Alla Vedova"
Address Calle del Pistor, Cannaregio 3912, Venezia Italy
How to reach Just get off at the vaporetto stop "Ca' D'Oro" and go across the Strada Nova. If you come from the Santa Lucia train station by walk, go to the left from the Strada Nova.
Since it's one of the most famous restaurants in Venice, if you ask the locals they can understand soon.
Phone number +39 041.5285324
Closed Thursday and Lunch of Sunday
Opening Hours 12:00-15:00, 19:00-23:00
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