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Vomero district, a fashionable hill town

Vomero district
From Vomero district you can see beautiful views of the city of Naples and Mount Vesuvius.

Vomero district
Sunrise and Mount Vesuvius.

Vomero district
A view from the St. Elmo Castle. The cross-shaped arcade is beautiful!

Vomero district
Villa Floridiana. Inside the villa there is a Pottery museum.

Vomero district
A view from the observatory (1)
Capri is seen in front of you.

Vomero district
A view from the observatory of the Villa Floridiana (2)
Unfortunately it was cloudy....

Recommend: 5stars

Let's enjoy a beautiful panorama from the hill of Vomero

As a famous saying, "See Naples and die (Vedi Napoli, e poi muori)", you can see an amazing panorama of Capri island, Sorrento peninsula in the beautiful Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. From this hill you can overlook whole city of Naples, too. Don't you want to see a beautiful view like a postcard? If so, let's go to the Vomero district.

Recommended panorama (1)
Castle of St. Elmo on the hill of Vomero (Castel Sant'Elmo)

The building completed in 1329 was repaired many times and his initial style has been transformed. The castle now has a unique beauty as a star-shaped fort. You can enjoy a scenic view from the summit. 360 degree views overlooking Naples!! It's also beautiful a view from the adjacent National Museum of St. Martin (Museo Nazionale di San Martino), however, the best is here from the castel of St. Elmo!

From the square in front of the museum you can see a beautiful panorama of streets of Naples and mount Vesuvius. The sunrise from here is spectacular.

Recommended panorama (2)
Villa Floridiana

It's a green public park. In the garden there is an observatory and from here you can enjoy the city of Naples, Sorrento peninsula and Capri Island.

Residents of Vomero district are smart! Check out their fashion!

The most recommended fashion area in Naples is Chiaia district, but here Vomero is also very fashionable. It's fun to check out the Italian fashion.

How to reach there?

To go to the Vomero district, you can take a cable car (funicolare) or metro and bus.

By Metro:
Use the Line 1 (Liena1) and get off at the Vanvitelli stop. It's the main stop in the central area of the Vomero district.

By cable car (funicolare):
There are three lines. It takes only five minutes by each line.
(1) Central Line from the first stop Augusto to the last stop Piazza Fuga
(2) Montesanto Line from the first stop Montesanto to the last stop Morghen
(3) Chiaia Line from the first stop P. Margherita to the last stop Cimarosa

All of last stops are situated in the Vanvitelli Square, in the central area of Vomero district.
It would be easy to take (1) line for tourists.

From the Naples Railway Central Station (p. Garibaldi):
Take a bus R2 at the station square to the stop of San Carlo theater (v. San Carlo) → walk through the arcade (Galleria) → go to the Toledo street (Via Toledo) → the cable car's station is in front of the ZARA shop.

By bus:
Take a bus C28 of the ANM Company at the Vittoria Square (Piazza Vittoria), and get off at the last stop in the Scaletti street (Via Scarlatti). Ride time is 30 minutes. It's also recommended to enjoy scenery while riding the bus.
Bus Timetable:

St. Martin Museum (Museo di San Martino)
Address Largo S. Martino 8-Napoli Italy
Price 6 euros
Opening Hours 8:30-19:30 (閉館1時間前まで入場)
Closed Wednesday
St. Elmo castle (Castel Sant'Elmo)
Price 3 euros
Opening Hours 9:00-18:30
Closed Tuesday
How to reach From the Vomero's central square, Piazza Vanvitelli go on the top of the hill. (there are also escalators on the way). At the end there is Montesanto cable car stop. Continue to climb to the left street and turn right. After the entrance of the St. Elmo Castle, walk to the museum entrance directly. It takes 20 minutes from the square by foot.
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Villa Floridiana
Address Via Cimarosa,77-Napoli Italy
Opening Hours from 9:00 to 1hour before of Sunset
How to reach From the last stop of the central line of the cable car, Piazza Fuga, go straight down. It takes only three minutes. The entrance is on your left, in front of a restaurant Rosso Pomodoro.
From Vomero district you can see beautiful views of the city of Naples and Mount Vesuvius.
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