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Drink finest coffee in Naples, the birthplace of espresso!

Coffee in Naples
This is an appearance of recommended cafe' "Dolce Sosta". Do not miss the entrance because it's very small. Look a map carefully.

Coffee in Naples
Barman with a severe face is shy but gentle. At the lower left there is the "exotic sweet foam". Adding this moose, espresso becomes really good!

Coffee in Naples
This is the Neapolitan espresso!! Creamy and sweet taste was unforgettable.


Originated in Naples, Italian coffee

When you are in Naples, eat pizza and drink espresso! I always advise like this to who are going to Naples.
It's not well known, but it's said that Italian coffee "espresso" was born in Naples. Walking in the city of Naples, you can find many shops that sell coffee equipments as well as bars. Coffee and the city of Naples have an inextricable relationship. Neapolitans often enjoy an espresso break at a cafe (more than working). I think Naples would be a suitable city to drink coffee chatting with barmen.

What's the difference of Coffee in Naples...?

Generally speaking, Italians drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day. However, even those Italians say taking coffee in Naples is special. There are several elements that distinguish Neapolitan Coffee from others. One of them is water. This good quality of water influences also pizza dough. I guess that a local food culture is made by its soil and water.
In addition, I think the Neapolitans have a high technique of making coffee. They are very particular about how to make coffee. Although they are usually lazy, when they make coffee their eyes become bright suddenly...

Plain and simple style is authentic Neapolitan

Neapolitan friend says, it's very important a scoop of coffee extracted by the first steam of espresso machine. Only that first extract should be moved to the cup, and mixed quickly with a lot of sugar. Mystery of Naples is all about! Thick coffee and sugar are stirred well, and then creamy and sweet Espresso base is ready. After that to complete the work, later extracted coffee is added on the creamy base.
When I went to Naples for the first time, a smart Barman asked me: "Do you want a Neapolitan style?". Of course I was curious and tried to taste it. He put 2 heaping tablespoons of sugar in a small espresso cup, and then added extracted espresso on it. It was really delicious! Since that day I became hooked on Neapolitan coffee!

Near Naples central station, one of the best cafe'!

Recently I found a delicious cafe' near Naples central station. Its name is "Dolce Sosta", that means "sweet time". Normal appearance and no special point, but staffs are very friendly and pleasant. Then their coffee is amazingly delicious!!
Since there is a well-known pizzeria "Da Michele" nearby, my lunch course starts at "Da Michele" and finishes at "Dolce Sosta". After eating a tasty Margherita, go down the hill to "Dolce Sosta" and take an espresso... For me, this lunch is so enchanting that even if every day I could repeat!

What's that brown foam???

I found this Cafeteria "Dolce Sosta" only by chance. I was looking for a cafe after the pizza lunch and then I encountered this quite cozy place. The cafe looks small and ordinary with one counter inside. However there are three barmen and two women at the register. That means there are many local customers. The floor is swept up well and espresso machines are also very clean. I got a conviction that their good taste of coffee.

First of all I paid at the register and then showed my receipt and ordered at the counter. A barman with a severe atmosphere made me a delicious coffee neatly. At the end, he asked me "Put this?" indicating coffee-colored thin foam... Wondering what it was, I said, "YES!" soon.

Is this really coffee? Like a superb dessert.

That Meringue foam was probably whipped sugar and first extract of espresso. Mixing lightly by spoon, I tried to taste it. It was surprisingly delicious!!! Soft melting texture was really smooth, like a dense mousse of coffee.
I'd like to recommend to who does not like espresso. By the way, this sweet foam is put instead of sugar, so you don't need to add sugar again.

Neapolitan coffee should be tasted with plenty of sugar!

Neapolitan Coffee's feature is rich flavor and bitter taste. If you aren't used to bitter espresso, please try putting lots of sugar. At least 1 or 1.5 pack of sugar. Then it transforms in mellow coffee with rich aroma.
When you go to Naples, please try this authentic Italian Espresso all means. Everyone will get addicted!!

from ITALY
Neapolitan Coffee, try it!

I rarely drink coffee, except espresso just after meal. That espresso refreshes full stomach after eating. Especially Neapolitan espresso coffee is best. Walking in the city of Naples, my eyes follow a delicious cafe unconsciously.
Cafe presented here is really good, it's worth to visit.


Name Caffetteria Dolce Sosta
Address 192 Corso Umberto I, Naples, Campania, Italy
How to reach

Right side of Corso Umberto from the Central Station of Naples.
From Pizzeria "Da Michele" go down the slope in front of the pizzeria (Via Cesare Sersale) and turn right in Corso Umberto. After a few meters on the right side.

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