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The convenient bus ticket to go around Naples "UNICO CAMPANIA"

UNICO CAMPANIA tickets. The type is printed on the ticket at the moment of purchasing. The left one is UNICO NAPOLI € 1.10 ticket valid for 90 minutes. The right is UNICO FASCIA 5 from Naples to Sorrento, € 3.30.

Transportations in Naples

In Naples, there are 4 types of public transportations: metro, bus, tram and funicolare (cable car). Of course you can use also taxis. Let's enjoy sightseeing using these transportations well!!

Tickets of transportations in Naples

First of all you should buy a ticket of UNICOCMPANIA at a tabac or vending machines or tickets center. Many vending machines at the station don't have small change so ready some coins!!

Tickets have a limited hour, and in time you can use metro, bus, tram and cable car freely. The ticket inspection is so strict. Do not forget to stamp your ticket at automatic machines before ride!!

In Naples, these machines are often broken... In that case, handwriting is OK. If the ticket is not stamped, you should bay a big amount of forfeit. Be careful! !

Type of tickets of UNICO CAMPANIA

Unico Campania is very convenient but pay attention not to mistake for Amalfi Coast (UNICO COSTIERA). It's really confusing. When you buy tickets, please tell the destination. If you examine the fee in advance, you can see the Unicocampania site (English, Italian language only).

Inside the city of Naples : UNICO NAPOLI
Type Destination Time Ticket One day pass Week-end Tickets
Saturday, Sunday and Holiday
U NA Inside the city of Naples 1.10 euros 3.10 euros 2.60 euros

From Naples to the suburbs : UNICO FASCIA
* Price Revised February 2010
Type Destination Time Ticket One day pass Week-end Tickets
Saturday, Sunday and Holiday
U2 Ercolano 1.80 euros 3.70 euros 2.90 euros
U3 Pompei 2.40 euros 4.70 euros 3.80 euros
U4 Caserta 2.90 euros 5.80 euros 4.60 euros
U5 Sorrento, Salerno 3.40 euros 6.70 euros 5.30 euros
U6 Benevento 4.30 euros 8.60 euros 6.90 euros
U7 Paestum 5.20 euros 10.60 euros 8.40 euros

To Amalfi coast : UNICO COSTIERA
Type Destination 45min.
Time Ticket
Time Ticket
One day pass Week-end Tickets
Saturday, Sunday and Holiday
UC Costiera Amalfitana 2 euros 3 euros 6 euros 15 euros
* For more details please see "Let's go to Amalfi by UNICO COSTIERA".

Three-day unlimited travel ticket in the Campania region : UNICO 3T
Type Destination Three-day Pass
3T in Campania Region
(also available Bus and Alibus in Ischia and Procida Island )
20 euros
* Available at the ticket counter of the Circumvesviana line station inside the Napoli Railway Station