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Restaurant Le Botteghe

Restaurant in Matera
Restaurant located in the heart of the Sassi district. best location!
Nice and quiet atmosphere makes you relaxed.

Restaurant in Matera
At the entrance of the restaurant.
Various restaurant guides including Michelin and Ganberorosso are posted.

Restaurant in Matera
Eary lunch time is like this.
The number of seats is enough, so you won't be concerned about the reservation.

Restaurant in Matera
The restaurant atmosphere is very good, their service is also very comfortable.

Restaurant in Matera
Matera Bread is registered as IGP (Indication of geography protection).
Very very delicious!

Restaurant in Matera
Orecchiette pasta in a small pot "Orechiette al tegamino".

Restaurant in Matera
Cavatelli with mussels and parmesan cheese.
Light and elegant taste.

Restaurant in Matera
Small portion of beaf steak "Bistecca di scottona".
Done well!! With some drops of delicious locally produced olive oil!

Taste 4.5 stars Situated in the Sassi district, the heart of Matera old area, the excellent location. The restaurant itself is inside of carved dwellings. As advices of the locals as the most delicious restaurant in the Sassi district, their dishes are elegant taste and you can enjoy local dishes of Basilicata region at reasonable prices.
Wine variety is also wide.Grilled meat is the speciality of the restaurant.Quality and quantity will make you satisfied.
Mood 4 stars
Price 4 stars
Total 4 stars

To find a good restaurant

The Sassi of Matera is a world heritage, so very famous in south Italy. There are many hotels and restaurants, so it's easy to find a place. However, since there are too many restaurants, it's hard to find a good one!
Thanks for the atmosphere of the Sassi district, all of restaurants seem very good.
Just give up to find by yourself, I recommend you asking to some locals.
When I did this way, everybody nominated "Le Botteghe"!!

The atmosphere of this restaurant is outstanding! Inside the cave dwelling!

The restaurant is located near the heart of the Sassi district. The entrance has an unique atmosphere so just before entering, you can feel very exciting.The square in front of the restaurant is also lovely.
When it's warm weather, it would be wonderful to enjoy good food outside.
Inside is excellent spacious almost unimaginable.There are 95 seats. I visited Matera in the middle of September so off-season, there were several locals in family groups.

Elegant cuisine of Matera

The restaurant is not too much "high class", you can enjoy its comfortable elegance. The service is smooth, while you order you can ask recommendation to the friendly restaurant's staff. The menu is mainly composed of local dishes, including Italian cuisine. There are about 120 varieties of wine, most of them are made in Basilicata region.
This time I ordered a house wine (red) in the decanter of 500cc, really smooth and delicious full-body taste. It costed only 4 euros! The cheapest full bottle is served at 8 euros.

First tasting of Matera Bread. VERY DELICIOUS!

I ordered food while listening to the staff's friendly advice. And that was the first time to taste Matera's Bread (Pane di Matera), one of my purposes of this trip.
Delicious as reputation! ! ! The bread made of hard yellow wheat used for pasta, looks like a rough rock, but inside is very soft and good salty taste.

Delicious pasta! First of all, Orecchiette!

I ordered two pasta dishes with my friend, and shared one main dish together.
One of the pasta was "Orecchiette al Tegamino", typical pasta of Apulia region, in the shape of "ears (orecchie)". It's cooked in a small pot (tegamino) with ham and cheese with tomato sauce, baked in the oven. The pasta with tomato sauce and hot melted cheese was so delicious. Very good harmony of the sweet acidity of tomatoes and delicate cheese. I found that also other people around us ordered this dish.

Cavatelli homemade pasta with mussels

The other pasta was "Cavatelli cozze rucola e parmigiano". Homemade fresh pasta with mussels, rockets and Parmesan cheese. This was also great.
The pasta absorbed the Mussels sauce, and plenty of Parmesan chees and rockets added a fresh taste.
They have many types of pasta, so just enjoy to see people eating around.

The main dish of the restaurant's speciality, grilled meat

This restaurant's special dish is grilled meat. We ordered "Bistecca di scottona", steak of lean beef with less fat.
Even if we'd asked a small portion, on our table 400 grams of steak were delivered!
The surface was grilled well, the inside was exactly medium. We tried to share but could not eat all give up!

Light lunch, 50 euros for two (including wine)

Just a little higher price because of the good location and atmosphere. In any case, it's less expensive as compared to Rome or Florence, and very delicious.

  • Charge --- 2 euros / person
  • Cavatelli of mussels and parmesan cheese (Cavatelli cozze e rucola) --- 11 euros
  • Pot-baked Orecchiette (Orecchiette al tegamino) --- 9.8 euros
  • Grilled Beef Steak (Bistecca di scottona) --- 19.2 euros (400g)
  • House red wine 1/2 lt (vino rosso della casa) --- 4 euros
  • Mineral Water 1lt (Acaua minerale) --- 2 euros
from ITALY
We recommend you this restaurant "Le Bottege"!

One of the most delicious restaurants in Matera.
At reasonable prices, you can choose your favorite dishes. Their good atmosphere is good for both lunch and dinner.

from ITALY

Menu (September, 2009)
Table charge 2 Euro per person
Carpaccio Primavera: 12Euro, Bomba di bufala: 12Euro, Caprese: 12Euro, Selezione di formaggi lucani: 13Euro, Latticini, salumi, insaccati tipici: 13Euro, Gli ortaggi de "le botteghe": 13.50Euro, gran misto degustazione: 15Euro
Primi piatti
Orecchiette e rafano: 10Euro, Cavatelli di semolone pomodoro basilico e cacioricotta: 10Euro, Fave e ciorielle con crostone di pane nostro: 10Euro, Orecchiette al tegamino: 10Euro, Ferretti alle verdure grigliate: 11Euro, Strascinate salsiccia e rucola: 11Euro, Fusilli mollica e crusco: 11Euro, Strascinate alla pezzente: 11Euro, Pappardelle al tartufo : 13.50Euro, Ravioli di ricotta al tartufo: 15Euro, Spaghetti alle cozze: 10Euro, Cavatelli cozze rucola e parmigiano: 11Euro, Linguoni al baccala': 11.50Euro
Secondi piatti
alla brace
meat dishes
Bistecca di scottona: 4.80Euro/100g, Entrecote di angus argentino: 4.80Euro/100g, Podolica 4.80Euro/100g, Bistecca di chianina: 6Euro/100g, Filetto di manzo: 17Euro, Agnello nostrano: 14Euro, Arrosto misto del Rosso: 14Euro, Salsiccia di maiale pezzente: 14Euro, Capocollo di maiale: 13.50Euro
Secondi piatti
al forno
Oven meet
Pignatella: 16Euro, Agnello all'uso nostro: 16Euro
Secondi piatti
in padella
Pan Meet
Piccatine al limone/ al vino vianco: 13Euro, Piccatine al tartufo del Pollino: 15Euro, Filetto al pepe verde: 18.50Euro
Secondi piatti
alla piastra
plate cooking
Formaggi: 13.50Euro, Vegetariana: 11.50Euro
Secondi piatti
filetto di baccala'
Dried cod,
Common mussel
Tegamino di baccala' alla menta: 16Euro, Baccala' fritto e peperoni: 16Euro, Baccala' fritto: 16Euro, Baccala' in umido con crusco: 16Euro, Pepata di cozze: 11.50Euro
Side dish
Insalata verde: 3Euro, Cipolla rossa alla brace: 3Euro, Patate alla brace: 3Euro, Patatine fritte: 3Euro, insalata mista: 3.50Euro, verdure in agro: 4Euro, Verdure saltate: 4Euro, Zucchine julienne: 4Euro, insalata di ortaggi: 4.50Euro
Frutta fresca di stagione: 3Euro/4.50Euro, maccedonia / con gelato: 3.5Euro/5Euro

Dolci della casa: 4Euro
Panna cotta(amarena/frutti di bosco/liquirizia) , Torta al cioccolato, Crostate(amarena/arancia) , Crostata di ricotta e pere, Souffle al cioccolato, dolci secchi con mandorle, Semifreddo al torroncino

misto dolci della casa: 5Euro, Sorbetto al limone: 3.50Euro, Gelati: 3Euro/5Euro

vino, bevande
wine, drinks
Vino della casa (house-wine 1/2L) 4Euro, Bottle wine: from 8Euro
Acqua minerale (Water) 2Euro

Name Ristorante Le Botteghe (Restaurant Le Botteghe)
Address Piazza San Pietro Barisano, 22-Matera (MT) 75100, Italy
Direction Located near the center of the old town of Matera Sassi. On the main street "Fiorentsuini street (Via Fiorentini)" and it is very easy to find.
Tel. +39 0835 344072
Fax +39 0835 330175
Holiday Unknown
Lunch 12:30-15:00,
Dinner from 20:00
Budget between 20 and 30Euro (excluding Drink)
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