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Matera night is really magical and beautiful. Don't leave Matera without looking this panorama.

Limestone cave dwellings "Sassi" are registered on UNESCO's World Heritage list. Matera's charm would be its unique landscape. Under the brightly sun, the town made of white limestone shows a surreal beauty. You can feel like as if you would go back to the past, somehow.

And don't forget to see the town at night. The town illuminated in orange by street lamps has really "glamourous" atmosphere. When you visit Matera, please stay at least one night. Streets at night are worth exploring. There are some comfortable hotels inside a converted house in the cave Sassi district, also at reasonable prices. Little but luxury residences with jacuzzi bath and kitchen are also available.

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Matera stay was impressive!

This time, I traveled by myself around Southern Italy and Sicily. I can say that Matera was the most impressive town. When I arrived and saw the Sassi district I was very impressed, and the streets at night were really beautiful. My hotel in the Sassi district was also very comfortable and cute. If possible, I'd like to have a long stay at least three nights the next time.
(January 2010)

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