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Luggage storage information at Roma Termini station

Roma termini station

Deposit Luggage Roma TerminiThe guide map at the Rome Termini station and Luggage office
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Roma Termini railway station is the largest terminal stations in Europe, on the first floor, second floor and underground, there are shopping malls, cafes and restaurants. The luggage room of the Roma station there is basement, it is easy to find following this sign sign of luggage office.
You can deposit the suitcases, bags, backpacks and trunks.

Information at Rome Termini station baggage deposit
(Deposito Bagagli a mano della stazione Roma Termini)
Where B1 Termini station (under the Information)
Opening Hours 6:00-24:00
(per baggage)
First 5 hours: € 3.80
6 to 12 hours: € 0.60 (per hour)
After 13 hours: € 0.20 (per hour)
luggage rules
  • The luggage weight limit of 20 kg per one.
  • Luggage luggage is not responsible for damages of this service.
  • Hazardous substances, hazardous materials is prohibited for a deposit.
  • Luggage check can not exceed five days.