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Luggage storage information at Bologna station

Baggage Deposit in Bologna Station

Baggage Deposit in Bologna StationThe guide map at the Bologna station and Luggage office
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Bologna has the beautiful Stoas (portico) and the Bologna Central Station is located north of the town. The city greatly expanded from the station south of town. Piazza Maggiore, the tourist center and the Piazza Nettuno (Foutana Nettuno) are on the Indipendenza street extending south. From the station only 15 minutes walk, go around the city buses numbered 25 and 30.

Baggage deposit at the Bologna train station is on the left toward the tracks from the station entrance. The town's attractions are located in the center of town, so you can enjoy half-day tour depositing the baggage.
You can deposit suitcases, bags, backpacks, and trunks and is much less luggage to one account. Be careful to not lose the stub of deposit.

Information baggage deposit at the Bologna Central Station
(Deposito Bagagli a mano della stazione Bologna Centrale)
Deposit Office 1st Floor in the station
Opening Hours 6:00-24:00
(per baggage)
First 5 hours: € 3.80
6 to 12 hours: € 0.60 (per hour)
After 13 hours: € 0.20 (per hour)
luggage rules
  • The luggage weight limit of 20 kg per one.
  • Luggage luggage is not responsible for damages of this service.
  • Hazardous substances, hazardous materials is prohibited for a deposit.
  • Luggage check can not exceed five days.