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Antique Market (Fiera Antiquaria)

Antique Market of ArezzoEntrance of the Old Town, 5 minutes by walk from the station. They made a long queue from the entrance of the town already, it was vary exciting.

Antique Market of Arezzo
I visited in October but it was crowded anyway. Take care about pickpokets.

Antique Market of Arezzo
At 13 pm, restaurants become full. When you eat at a restaurant, it's better to go as soon as their opening.

Antique Market of Arezzo
Town center, Piazza Grande. Also the heart of the town become antique market. Like a maze of antique furniture!!!

Antique Market of Arezzo
The stands are held also under the Loggia of Piazza Grande. Tables of restaurants lined up next to the stands, it's very good atmosphere.

Antique Market of Arezzo
Library of the town hall was full of food shops. On the left side honey shop, in the back a pork panino shop.
You can enjoy refreshments at table and chairs.

Antique Market of Arezzo
Let's take a break at a park or a bar. The photo was taken in the "On-the-Hill Park (Passeggio del Prato)" behind the Duomo.

Recommended grade: 4.5stars

Arezzo antique market is considered the largest one in Italy, and it's very fun just looking. It's held only once a month (for two days), so let's adjust your schedule to visit this market. If you'd like to find good bargains, let's stay all the day from morning to evening. Indeed, there are many many people, but it's also full of exotic spectacular.

Don't do mistakes! It's held only on the first Sunday and the previous day Saturday every month!

Arezzo's antique market is the largest one in Italy. If you can adjust your schedule, You could visit the antique city of Arezzo. It would be very fun to do just only window shopping without a purchase. It is held only two days a month. On the first Sunday and the previous day Saturday every month.

On some personal blog or guide books, it's written "on the first Saturday and Sunday," but that is wrong. For example, in August of 2010, it'll be held on the first Sunday (1 August) and on the previous day (31 July, Sat).

Be sure about the exact dates on the official website ( Please check the schedule.

Everything is for sale !!!

The variety of what they sell is really wide, you might be also surprised to see their merchandises. Furnitures, chandeliers, lamps, tablewares and cutleries, clothings, furs, shoes, accessories, jewelries, paintings, posters, sculptures, carpets, door knobs, taps, signs, etc., there are countless varieties.

There are also old postcard shops, coffe-mill shops, or even antique iron shops... really specialty shops. How much do they sell their goods like this?

Price negotiations is a part of the fun!

Many sellers who participate to the antique market held each month are experts and professionals. And Italians are quite "tough". Instead of just buying at the price on the tag, let's negotiate at first. It's a good way to decide your limit before, and if you couldn't get a lower price, you could leave from that stand and search another one. Since Arezzo's antique market is really huge, other stores may have the same item, or some more things which you want might come out. When you're luckey, you might get a discount of 10 - 20 percent. Calm, relax and enjoy the Italian style.

However, each stand owner decides the close time depends on the atmosphere. When you hesitate, just ask him about his close time before going to see other shops.

Be the first guest in a restaurant at noon!

Arezzo is a hill town, and if you're keen on looking the market, you might walk for hours and hours. If you're looking for a particular thing, you'd become exhausted. In that case, let's have a break and eat lunch at a restaurant without force.

However during the antique market, there're many tourists and visiters from all over the world, so restaurants will be full everywhere. Italian Lunch starts from 13 o'clock, but let's enter a restaurant at noon, without hesitation to avoid a long queue.

There're also snack stalls

When you're hungry, let's try a snack shop in some places. Panino with ham and salami, or Porchetta (roast poak) are found. Arezzo is surrounded by a lot of nature, so the mountain food is very delicious. You can buy also some delicious cheese and red wine as a souvenir.

I purchased a 1 euro cup finally

The European markets have a vintage and exclusive image but there're even sold some slashed of small price. I purchased this time, 2 set of espresso cups and saucers at 4 euros in total. There're like second hand but very cute. If you look well, you'll find various particular things. Take care about pickpokets...

from ITALY
I visited the antique market!

Arezzo is a city with a sense of calm and high class. Finally I could visit the antique market. My first impression is really fun! I went to this market with friends, and without purchasing we explored stands saying jokes. When we got tired, we took a break on a bench in the park. Also a restaurant was cheap and good.
If you have a chance, I recommend you to look around.


Name Antique Market of Arezzo (Fiera Antiquaria di Arezzo)
Address The whole town to be Antique Venue.
(Main Site) Piazza Grande-52100 Arezzo (AR)-ITALY
How to reach

It takes 5 minutes by walk from the railway station of Arezzo to the old town.

Date On the first Sunday and the previous day Saturday every month
Open 9:00 - 18:00
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